Yuan has a child at home and wants to raise a dog?

Currently, many parents want to adopt a companion dog as a companion for their children to nurture love, sense of responsibility, etc., but not all dogs are suitable for families with children, especially the following styles that even thieves see Don’t rely on close dogs, advise against them!

1. “Chow Chow” without notice

Chow Chow is very loyal to his master, but he has a very strange personality. When he likes you, he loves it. When he doesn’t like you, he will bite you silently. Moreover, he is very alert and sees strangers. It would be very fierce at the time, suitable for nursing homes, but not for families with children.

2. Too “horse dogs”

Horse dog has the ability to work strong and physically good. This is a very good police dog, so it is popular with many pet lovers, but many say it is best to keep a horse dog since childhood, because it requires a lot of owners. Tall, and a little aggressive, aggressive and overly active. It was not a problem to jump over a three meter high wall. If you have children in the family, it is best not to raise them. For fear of hurting children, earning is not worth losing.

3. The fierce green wolf

The blue wolf is very loyal to its owner and very alert. It is a great police dog. During training, it uses some small snacks as an aid. You can learn it quickly after teaching a few times. However, the personality is relatively cold and does not like to be touched, and the appearance of the blue wolf is quite scary, especially for children, such a dog looks very aggressive and scary. , if you live in a community And if you have children in the family, you have to think carefully about keeping the green wolf.

4. “Bull Terrier” goes crazy when you play

As for the Bull Terrier, besides knowing that its appearance resembles that of Sun Honglei, how much do you know about it? In fact, its personality is very cranky, aggressive and aggressive. It is crazy to play. It likes to fight. Any obstruction is useless. If you do not want your child to be injured, it is best not to raise him.

5. The “Dogo” natural hunter

Dogo dogs are very strong and there is absolutely nothing wrong with describing the appearance of Dogo dogs in an elegant and possible way. It was a natural hunter, with a determined, accurate and cruel mouth. If a child runs before him, he will activate his desire. Just imagine what the consequences would be if Dogo lost control?

6. “Pomeranian” jealous

Pomeranian so small, why are you afraid of a thief? That’s because the Pomeranian is very alert and barking as long as there’s a bit of movement, it’s very easy to get the attention of the people around, and it’s very owner of it, and also very jealous, if the owner Being in there Putting the child in front of him will make him jealous and able to attack the child.

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