You cannot believe that Corgi defecates himself

I believe many people who first see the Corgi will be attracted by its short legs. Never seen a dog with such short legs. This is also great! I have never seen a dog with such short legs. The same is true when netizens first saw Corgi. Later, when a friend raised a Corgi, after interacting with it for a while, I thought the Corgi was quite cute, and gradually I liked this puppy.


Netizens decided to raise a Corgi that belonged to him, so he asked a friend to recommend a dog seller and buy one from him. The puppy looks pretty good, and netizens like it.

Corgi has been at netizen’s home for a while. When he gets home, he will go to the toilet himself. Netizens don’t like that. Just come home from work every day to clean. When you learn how to use the toilet, you don’t need to clean.

After the friend finished speaking, the residents said what the friend said, but Corgi could not learn anything. It still goes to the toilet everywhere, making netizens very upset and do not know what to do. By the way, Corgi himself wanted to find out, found that his master would leave early in the morning and return late, and he had to clean up after returning home.

Netizens bought a cage by the way when they bought Corgi. This cage was originally not intended for use. It is kept there. Corgi knows what the cage is used for. It requires being kept in a cage so that it does not cause trouble for the owner. I don’t want to go out again, so the owner can easily clean up.

Corgi has no way to do this. The host is very kind to himself and cannot always cause trouble. After seeing this behavior of Corgi, netizens thought it was also cruel enough, and they could actively make such a request. Brave.

Netizens appreciate Corgi very much. At first there was an idea to try to turn it off, but now it seems completely unnecessary, all dogs have cons, it’s just a little slow to learn everything, really off instead. I seem so stingy.

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