You can try these 6 small methods with your dog

All pet owners who have kept golden retrievers know that golden retrievers love to play and have to go out to exercise every day. But most of the time, golden retrievers often don’t want to go home after a walk, how can owners pull it back? What if the Golden Retriever was so stubborn and didn’t want to go home? It cannot bring it back. Pet owners can also try these six small methods to let it go home obediently to you.

First, we must understand why the Golden Retriever is not ready to go home:

1. Not playing enough

All dogs love to run and play outdoors. If they don’t have enough time outside, they won’t be happy. Naturally, the dog will not want to go home, especially the naughty dog ​​like the Golden Retriever.

2. The time and walking route of the dog is uncertain

Some owners never walk their dogs at a fixed time and route, and golden retrievers do not form conditional reflexes to go home at a fixed time, so it is difficult to go home to the owner.

3. Going home is boring.

Golden retriever is a dog with special passion and likes to play. His owner cannot spend most of his time working with them, so they will feel lonely. When the Golden Retriever goes out, they will meet many people and dogs. This excitement makes them nostalgic, and naturally they don’t want to go home.

4. Have a favorite dog outside

If your golden retriever likes to go out, another reason might be his favorite dog outside. Because if he plays with good friends, he naturally won’t like going home. Especially the golden-haired male dogs in estrus do not want to go home.

So how to get the Golden Retriever home with you:

First, let the dog calm down

When walking the dog every day, the Golden Retriever will show excitement and can’t even wait to get out early. At this time the owner should pay attention to the mood of the golden retriever. If it is particularly exciting, let it calm down first, and then take it out.

Second, go the same route every day

Golden Retriever is naturally curious and likes to discover new things. If the pet owner takes him on a different route, he will be very curious about places he’s never been to, so he doesn’t want to go home, so the owner should go. same route every day.

Third, urinate in a fixed place

When walking the dog with the golden retriever, it is best to take it to a fixed place to urinate, so that once the golden retriever comes to that spot, it will actively solve the problem of urination and defecation , and the owner can easily clean it without wasting time.

Wednesday, don 308 go to crowded places

When you take the Golden Retriever outside to take your dog for a walk, don’t go to crowded places, because a docile and handsome dog like the Golden Retriever can always be touched by others, and the Golden Retriever likes to be liked by others. touch. Dog time.

Fifth, keep the dog leash when walking the dog

The Golden Retriever will play madly as soon as it is out, often pulling its owner to run. Faced with this situation, the owner must grasp the rope, use the rope to control the dog and show the power to dominate.

Friday, feed something when you get home

After you walk home to the golden retriever, you can give him something to eat so he knows he will have something to eat when he returns on time after going out, so the dog will take the initiative. home with you every time.

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