Working alone in an unfamiliar city

Working alone in an unfamiliar city, I often feel lonely, especially when I don’t have friends and family around. This loneliness and loneliness must be strong. Some people like to keep pets at home even though it’s late at night. At home, there is a little guy waiting for him at home, which can often relieve much of the loneliness.

This is the second year that netizens have lived alone in this city, this year netizens raise a golden dog at a rental house, although they spend most of their time at work, but when they come home they do not see empty hands. . The room was gone, even though the person who could accompany him was a dog.

Dogs | City of Nedlands

Yesterday, netizens came home from work, but Golden Retriever did not rush to pick up as usual, in contrast, the house was quiet, netizens had a feeling that the Golden Retriever was not at home? But the doors are locked, so the Golden Retriever cannot get out on her own. Opening the bedroom door, the golden retriever was not there and the golden retriever was also not there when you opened the kitchen door, the golden retriever was really gone in the room because the air was thin, thinking Netizens here were a bit worried, and worriedly shouted the name of the golden retriever. At this time, the mischievous puppy poked his head out of the corner of the room to find his master back, happily wagging his tail to his owner, it seems that the golden-haired dog accidentally fell asleep in the corner without noticing. Return to the owner. But I can also imagine that when the owner is not at home, a home golden retriever would be very dull.
Talking about cats, everyone thinks about catching rats, cats are natural enemies of mice that will actively attack when they see rats and treat them as a delicious dinner, but some cats actually see mice. . Fear.

A woman who keeps a kitten at home. His cat was not long after his birth. His body is still relatively thin, but looks chubby and more alert. She is usually very cute and cute. The woman thinks it’s time to let it play with the mouse.

One day while shopping, the woman saw a mouse toy, the woman bought it without saying a word, let the cat play with the cat and learned to catch the cat, but he was surprised at the conclusion. that fruit.

The woman places the mouse next to the cat, at first the cat is more interested but can see the expression of the cat a bit more confused, estimates it is still more amusing, but more amusing is bigger .

The woman sitting next to see how the cat would react, unexpectedly the cat jumped straight onto the sofa. Afraid that this mouse is a fake mouse, if it is a real one, it is estimated that the cat has run away. Up.
There are many types of dogs, and their appearance and intelligence also differ. Butchers often choose dogs with a high online IQ, but some dogs are so weird that you cannot see them without looking at them. It’s hard.

A bizarre-looking dog that was always wandering the Xiao Li vegetable market was attracted to him while he was buying vegetables, his face was white, not matching his skin tone at all.

The dog’s body was almost black but his face was white, and at first glance he thought the owner was wearing a mask for the dog, but looking closely, it was not a mask, some people guessed, maybe the dog was in trouble. On the delicate owner, the owner tidy up the dog.

The dog may have been coated with a makeup or whitening cream. Xiao Li was really curious about the dog in front of him, so he slowly approached the dog, wanting to see exactly what happened to the dog’s face. So she came to the dog and was dumbfounded after reading it.

The dog did not wear a mask, nor did he draw anything, but the dog was born like this, like vitiligo, the whole body was white, Xiao Li was no longer curious to see such a dog. I sympathized with it. Perhaps the dog was laughed at by everyone like this, after wandering for so many days, it was abandoned by its owner.

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