Why should we have pets? – Benefits from pets

Why should we have pets? The question seems to be simple, but very few people can answer it immediately. For many people, it is simply passion, a hobby. There are actually many reasons we have pets. Pets are not only fun, but also have a lot of health benefits. Find out why you should have a pet through the article below.

Why should we have pets?

According to health experts, keeping pets brings a lot of benefits that we might not accidentally see.
Walking with friends
Having a pet will have a companion with you, go for a walk with you. Walking has a lot of health benefits. You will have plenty of time to be outdoors, exposed to natural sunlight. This is also the time for you to change the atmosphere, to breathe the fresh air of heaven and earth instead of the stuffy atmosphere at work or school. Nourishing the bow in the house will help your soul become refreshed, reduce pressure and stress. Not only that, sunlight also helps you synthesize vitamin D, prevents cancer, obesity as well as cardiovascular diseases.

Participate in activities with you

One of the reasons why keeping pets is that they will increase the frequency of your activities. Games like throwing a plate, throwing a ball with a dog or dancing with a cat will make you more active. This process has the same effect as exercise. Being active for a long time helps you control your weight, develop your bones and muscles. The pet person will not only have a desirable physique, but also help you to stimulate confidence.

Reduce the risk of asthma, allergies

One study found that children who grew up in families with pets in the home had a much lower rate of asthma and allergies than children whose family did not have pets. Regular contact with a dog or cat will halve the incidence of allergies and decrease asthma. You can choose which pets are easy to keep as a friend in the house.

Reduce stress
Having a pet helps to effectively reduce stress. In the pressurized modern life, the symptoms of stress and fatigue become very common. However, if you have pregnancy, this symptom is significantly reduced. The mischievous pets will always have a way to make you happy. When playing with them, the stress hormone oxytocin is released. This hormone lowers blood pressure in the blood and lowers cortisol levels. That makes your spirit more cheerful can dogs have pears.

Reduce loneliness
The simple reason why pets is that you have one more friend. This four-legged friend is always loyal to you, never plays bad, never leaves. Especially in the present era, work and electronic devices make people spend less time together. At this point, having a friend to confide in is more necessary than ever. Cats and dogs are very affectionate animals. As for your feelings, they will feel it somewhat. From there, you will no longer feel lonely.

Listen to what you say
Did you know why Hello Kitty was originally made without a mouth? It is to listen to other people. Hello Kitty can not speak, just listen, listen to all people’s confessions and troubles. So now if you pet your pets, you already have a live version of Hello Kitty. They will always listen to what you are saying without criticizing or arguing.
Love and cherish you
One of the many benefits of keeping a pet is that you will be loved by them. Especially dogs that are known for being loyal. If you raise and take care of them from a young age, you will definitely receive a special love from them. That is why there are dogs, no matter how fierce, but in front of their owners, they are like a docile little cat.

Helping you communicate with people
Among pet owners, there is a huge pet community. There, it is the pet children who will bring you together. You will have the opportunity to exchange and make friends in all four directions. Maybe people from the same neighborhood but have never talked, at this time, a beautiful pet will probably start your story.

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