Why don’t you choose a dog breed with a high IQ?

Why don’t you choose a dog breed with a high IQ?

A few days ago the author had a conversation with a friend, after talking about the topic of pet dogs, the friend was a bit confusing, although he did not have a dog, but he was a dog lover, in recent years, there appeared on the way. species. Among pet dogs, but not the one with the highest IQ.

The German Shepherd does not say anything, as it is a forbidden breed.

But what about livestock in the border? Everyone knows it has a high intelligence index, its comprehension ability is not low, but not many people raise it, after asking some of the owners, the answer is that it is too smart, making it difficult for some of you to understand. The sled dogs are the most common.

Alaska and Huskies often appear in many different places where dogs can walk.


Alaska has been raised by many people in recent years, but most of them are in a hurry.

Ala is a giant dog. It is one of the few giant dogs that can be kept. I have analyzed its personality many times in the past. I will not repeat today, but one thing is for sure. The strangers are very friendly.

A couple in the United States raised two Alaskan children a few years ago.

Mistress: My husband and I know each other because of the same interests.

Five years ago, the man and his girlfriend raised two dogs together, and later on, the owner fell in love with cats, so she raised another cat, now the family has 3 furry dogs, two dogs and a cat. shitty officers. It is like “a baby is born”.

“I watched a movie about sled dogs, but I fell in love with them.”

In the past few years, for many different reasons, pet owners have no intention of giving birth.

But last year there was good news in the house, that the owner was pregnant with a baby.

Time passed quickly, the baby was born, the little owner is now 5 months old, from the moment the baby was born up to now, the dogs like dogs have changed their skin, especially taking care of the little owner, not to mention that they are fat. Meat, looks a bit greasy, but actually takes care of the baby.

Mistress: Before, dogs liked to make fun of us.

Now the dog has changed, as long as there is a baby you can see two chubby dogs in the house, their temperament also changes a lot, previously it was very irritable, but after having children, they so it’s gentle, especially around the little master.

The host took the baby and gave it to Ala, the dog not only refused to go, but her performance was very emotional.

“I often take the dog out for a walk, as is a must.”

For medium and large dog owners in the family who may say it is indispensable to take the dog out to shop or go for a walk, it is very good to let the dog go home on his own, I worry that some dogs Like to be lazy and take few steps. I don’t move, and the owner keeps it home.

“It’s okay, my dog ​​is very young after all.”

I often take Erha at home for a walk. On the way, I sometimes see my pet go out with a poodle. Interestingly, they don’t like to walk alone. In the arms of their owners, they are very brave and love to face off with a large dog. The dog screams, which also annoys other pet owners a little.

Any dogs more than a hundred catties? What if I can’t leave home?

This is indeed the concern of many netizens raising large dogs.

Let’s talk about the golden retriever, but it is not a giant dog but it only weighs under 60 or 70 kg, a little fatter can exceed 80 kg Don’t think 80 kg is not heavy. Don’t believe you try to hug it for 3 minutes? If you are not a strong man who regularly exercises, you cannot hold out for 3 minutes.

Many people in Japan keep dogs In addition to the Shiba Inu, many pet owners also keep other pet dogs.

On the east coast of the island, one uncle has two large dogs.

Referring to these two giant dogs, netizens are probably still relatively unfamiliar, because in our country very few people keep such oversized dogs, their weight can easily exceed 100 kg, and most cities in China have banned them. Great white bear dog.

Regardless of being fat, they are not fierce at all.

They are like children, not only very greedy, but also very stubborn.

The uncle lives in a small town with his wife, the children have grown up and work outside, the purpose of raising two big dogs is also obvious, hoping that there will be two more “children” and life will not be too boring. pale, the two are also retired. Enough time to take care of two large dogs.

Master: They are very quiet, it just feels like they have forgotten that they have grown up.

Two huge white bear dogs have exceeded 150 kg.

“The children are almost 4 years old and they are getting more and more lazy.” Maybe it’s because their lives are more comfortable. The dogs have become inactive. Their lives were two points and one line, except in the yard, in the living room. In addition, as long as there are visitors to the house, they will become very enthusiastic.

The more practical the older dogs, the more they especially like female guests at home.

Maybe b

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