Why do you have such a big dog

Why do you have such a big dog? Is there a mine at home?

Every time you hear this sentence, Ha Ge wants to laugh, because in Ha Ge’s hand there is a big dog, you say it is a big dog, actually not completely, because it is just a husky. But its size. Big and a bit fat.

Dogs that are larger than huskies, look a bit similar, what breed would you think of?

Most students should think of Alaska, it belongs to the giant dog breed. Ha Ge always emphasized before, do not take it home arbitrarily, when milking it looks like a cotton candy, looks very cute. A year later you will. I have had a headache.

An Alaskan weighing more than 160 kg, went shopping with its small owner.

Is being such a big dog a little scary?

Although everyone knows that Alaska is very gentle and does not bite, but if you see such a large dog on the road, you probably do not dare to come close easily, right? Let alone approach the little master around it.

Sled dogs are supposed to live in cold regions, but many keep them in hot areas.

A little girl in Vietnam has two large dogs.

They were both Asraga, just turned two years old.

The owner loves dogs and rickshaws and raised them with her boyfriend two years ago.

“They are a couple”, at first the pet owner chose to raise a couple, but the first year he had no intention of giving birth dogs, the second year also decided because many friends around wanted to keep dogs. Up.

The mother dog is born in a litter, but becomes unhappy.

The mother dog worked so hard and gave birth to 8 milk dogs in one breath.

Seeing that the milk dog is so cute, she took the initiative to find a stainless steel sink and put all the milk dogs in it, she carried the washbasin and took the milk dog out to play.

She met the dog mother on the way and was stopped.

The mother dog, seeing her milk dog in the stainless steel basin, immediately turns her face.

A dog larger than 100 was stuck in the middle of the road, at which point the owner stopped.

Allah made a serious face, when he saw that the master did not wag his tail and stare at the milk dog in the stainless steel pot, looking very unhappy but helpless.

The mistress grabbed a milk dog and placed it in front of her, and Allah lay down sadly.

It smelled the milk and the dog immediately lowered its head, seeming to show dissatisfaction.

The mother dog squats next to the stainless steel pot, she doesn’t walk or talk.

Knowing that his abilities were limited, it barked for a few hours, the male dog behind him heard it immediately impatiently bound in chains, it seemed Alaska could only face reality.

The mother dog lay down on the ground dejectedly, ignoring the owner.

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