Why did golden retrievers grow up?

The Golden Retriever is one of the three most ferocious dog breeds in the world. It has a docile personality and is very suitable as a companion dog. Currently it is a dog owned by more people. Many say that since raising a golden retriever, they are no longer interested in other dogs. Why? Because of these 5 points, it’s really lovely!

1. The most handsome boy on this street
Golden retrievers have distinctive eyebrows, wide heads, vibrant eyes, strong, sturdy bodies, beautiful lines and golden fur that attracts sentient beings. Its appearance is not too high. Boy.

Such a high-value dog can make people happy to look at it every day, which makes many of Yan’s control people express that they really love it!

2. “Boyfriend”, “Family” and “Girlfriend” can be converted at any time
The Golden Retriever has a famous name, Da Da Nuan Nan, who owns a Golden Retriever, and you will find that its warmth is not really a name. I am very concerned about everyone in my life, and I can even freely switch from my boyfriend, family, girlfriend and other modes, as long as you need it.

When you need protection, Golden Retriever can immediately force your boyfriend to the maximum, when you need the company, you can wait around as a family member, if you want to gossip. and complain, it can also listen to you silently. He even said that he was in the same line as you.

Can play a golden retriever with many identities, who can resist not loving it? So many say that since raising a golden retriever, they don’t care about other dogs!

3. Work well
In daily life, we often see Golden Retriever “receive” courier and “buy” food on the street, and some netizens even say that Golden Retriever at home can help children. Many people own a dog, like raising an ancestor, but raising a golden retriever, you will find that it is really a good hand at work.

Usually, as long as you give it food and drink, it will go online with a behaved child, always helping its owner to do what it can. I really love a well-behaved, docile and capable Golden Retriever!

4. Training smart and good, online IQ
Golden Retriever’s IQ is fourth in the dog world. It is a very smart dog. It can understand the new instructions given by the owner only a few times during the normal training process and successfully complete it.

Some golden retrievers may even learn to use the toilet to defecate. IQ is always online. Such a smart dog really does not worry. Anyway, I love it!

5. Loyalty and repayment
In the golden retriever world, the owner is his heaven, he is very loyal and he has a grateful heart. If you treat him well, he will surely miss you very much. If you are in danger, Golden Retriever will protect you even if it does not take its own life.

Golden retrievers, who can consider their owners heavier than themselves, are truly sensible, so how can it make people not love it?

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