Which pet trace element formula is better?

With the improvement of pet owners’ awareness, preventing a pet’s nutritional deficiency and developing a scientific and rational pet nutrition plan has become a necessary move for every pet family. my babe. Gudeng, focusing on animal nutrition and health in China, has been constantly introducing pet health and nutrition foods that have been favored by pet owners in recent years. Recently, the Gudeng family has added a new member trace element lecithin.

“During the growth and development of your pet, the essential nutrients are balanced and comprehensive. In addition to a sensible and scientific diet, you can also choose to eat the microelement elemental lecithin Gudeng. To help pet with balanced nutrition and strengthen physical strength .Compared with pet supplement trace elements on the market, there are five main advantages as follows:




1. Outstanding brand power

After years of development, Gudeng’s pet nutrition products have become the leading brand in China’s pet food industry. Science and technology, combining traditional Chinese diets with modern Western scientific pet care systems, aim to provide pets with scientific and effective health care. fruits, help thousands of pet families understand pets, take care of pets and create a happy and quality life with pets.

In 2017, the company’s first three hospitals were established in the pet industry – Tianyuan Pet Hospital. The company applies excellent domestic biotechnology, fully considering the development of pets and body functions, so that every health care product retains nutrients and is more easily absorbed in intestine. It has been continuously obtained FDA certificate of United States and CE certification of Europe. The nutrients are indicated.

2. Factory production standards

Goodeng’s product factory from has achieved the EU BRC’s most authoritative and demanding EU BRC certification. Many well-known supermarket groups require suppliers to pass BRC and IFS audits when selecting food suppliers.

Therefore, the factory’s dual BRC and ISO certification means that the quality of their products not only exceeds that of Belgium, France, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Germany, Italy and other EU countries, but also Sales in the international market will go smoothly. In the market, Goodeng Pet Nutrition uses its power to interpret Chinese quality.

3. Advanced production technology and product formula, reliable

This product is developed according to the unique physiological structure of pets. Egg yolk lecithin is scientifically combined with trace elements and vitamins to form a compound formula, which helps to improve pica, protect hair health and nourish.

1. The trace elements: The main function is to add trace elements in the dog’s body and reduce the dog’s pica due to the lack of trace elements. The content of other nutrients such as vitamins is low. 2. Egg yolk lecithin and fresh fish meat full of nutrition, delicious. 3. The cold pressing process at low temperature, there is no high temperature during the whole process, keeping enough nutrition

At the 2020 Asian Pet Show, Goodeng “all lives have the same value” and will appear at the Asian pet show along with other new Goodeng products. Take care of every moment of your pet, from daily protection, digestive system, bone and joint health, and physical health.

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