Where did the dogs rescued from abattoirs finally go?

Since becoming a volunteer, Cheng Yan is more sensitive to the weather than our ordinary people. She feared that the dogs in the snowy days could not resist the body, and she feared that the kennel would be damaged by the rainy days …

You can only use this method to warm the dogs

Weekly life, good dog family busy, hurried to the outskirts of a small yard, welcoming her is the noisy dog ​​and the stench mixed in the air, there are seven years late leaf Hua Aunt afternoon busy. After two years running back and forth, she was very calm in the face of this environment. She wore a coat and boots to rain and ate it for the dogs.

Everything just for them to live a good life

“Remember to come here for the first time, it’s really shocking, a little scared, the smell makes people want to vomit, although I like small animals, hundreds of them at once, really make people want to escape”


Chengyan Yong far forgot the first time he came to a place of asylum, but she was the most shocking is the Chinese-style thin leaf, “Who would have thought such a frail old lady leaned on so many dogs, saved more than 20 lives year, “but for a year, it wasn’t what she saw with her own eyes and maybe she couldn’t believe it like everyone else.

The stray dogs here have been rescued from dog traders, some have been picked up from the side of the road, had car accidents, abuses and abandoned people. Every stray dog ​​has a different story, also from them, to make Yan way to understand the tolerance of society towards them and the toxicity to them.

This reminded her of the little black lab dog rescued from a dog seller in the summer, “I don’t know if it was abandoned or lost by the owner. When we found out, the dog seller was tucked up in a the small cage, The body curled up, and the sleeves were tightly wrapped in. His eyes were particularly uncomfortable and frightened.

“A lot of people along the way have seen dogs crammed inside, and no one has stopped them. If they weren’t volunteers, the dogs could have been turned into meat on the cutting board!” In the end, people spent money to save Xiaohei. It is hard to understand the crowd, what is the point of spending money to save the dog.

Some of them were rescued a while ago because skin disease caused neck bleeding and bleeding, causing many discomfort to pedestrians, fearing that the bacteria on his body would spread to. himself, afraid it will resist and bite. .

In the end, the meaningful people called the small hospital, and Ye Weihua and the volunteers took it to the hospital. Because of serious skin disease, they had to take medicine every day. At least for more than a year, they can recover completely.

These dogs are just miniature images of hundreds of dogs in the yard. We only see them after being treated, only their happiness after being fed and fed in the small yard, but never pay attention to those who silently pay behind.

Talking to Victoria Hua, Cheng Yan is more admirable than moving, she can’t imagine a man more than a decade to focus on all these stray animals, all kinds of rumors. be able to keep their own faces, face difficulties Can go on.

“In our small city, many people cannot understand rescuing stray animals. Do you think you have a lot of money? Neuropathy? The same is true of Aunt Ye’s family. Wife He was noisy about this issue.

Because the house is a building, some sick dogs, Aunt Ye, will also be placed at home. In order not to hate family members, Aunt Ye had to put them in separate rooms and on the balcony and sleep on the sofa. ”

“The small yard has been removed many times and every time it was destroyed or complained! Many people didn’t want to hire me when they heard that they wanted to raise a dog! In the end, they moved to where they were. because of many relationships. ”

It was Aunt Ye’s insistence on these Mao children that kept Cheng Yan busy and would take time to help her. “Can help a little!” She could feel the helplessness from her sigh. In fact, she didn’t know how much she could change, nor how long she could maintain it. She can exist as Ye Weihua for more than ten years. Do you give up your life?

She did not know, and she did not want to think about that. Because so many volunteers left halfway through, it was too hard. After all, this is a job that can see the head, have no interest, and even without compliments, especially seeing an abandoned dog, an abused dog. Many people find it difficult to accept that they feel that they cannot change the world.

“I hope that many people will pay attention to stray animals and I hope that the law protects

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