When you have fungal skin fungus

When you have fungal skin fungus, the body will experience local itchiness, redness, ringworm and other symptoms, this is a contagious dermatosis, so when you have a fungal skin disease, you need to treat it promptly. . Otherwise, it will not only be contagious but also make the cat’s body uncomfortable, in this case, the owner can treat ringworm with a silver gradient and add related nutrients to help the cat recover. back, let’s take a look at the specifics.

1. Isolation and cleanliness

The spread of ringworm in cats is very fast, can be spread between pets and people, so to ensure the safety of other pets and people in the house, it should be promptly isolated from silver spotted dogs. house cleaning time in a special way. Thoroughly wash all silver gradient utensils and toys, then expose them to the sun, while keeping the room airy and dry.

2. Clean skin

It is necessary to implement isolation measures, treatment of ringworm for cats, first the owner can gradually cut silver to the location of the ringworm, use scissors to cut the nearby hair, then wash the location of ringworm with hydrogen peroxide to remove excess. For hairs, spray some sprays like Meowman Fun. Be careful wearing an Elizabeth bracelet for the cat to prevent the cat from licking.
The cat’s heat is also a sense of heat. When the mother reaches a certain age, she will have a heat habit. When she is in heat, the cat will howl and cling, especially the mother cat sounds like a natural child. It will be especially scary at night. If the owner is also touched by the cat’s awkward noises, you can help ease her emotions during heat. Below are the following measures.

1. Attention redirection

A cat in heat will concentrate more, thinking about going out to find a partner of the opposite sex, now the owner can take the toy or snack that the cat likes to play or junk food and place in front of the cat. Tempted to come play or eat. You can also take out some plastic bags or cardboard boxes. When cats see it, they may be interested in drilling around the bag or cardboard box, temporarily forgetting about heat and reducing howling.

2. Mating

When a cat makes it difficult for a cat, it is physical satisfaction. If the owner only wants the cat to breed, he can let the cat mate. After a cat mating, the cat’s needs are met to a certain extent and the cat will not be too noisy. However, owners should keep in mind that it is generally better to mate a cat a second time because the cat’s body is not fully developed when it first becomes a cat.

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