When the dog does not urinate

When the dog does not urinate, first of all, the breeder needs to conduct a specific analysis of the dog to see what causes the urination phenomenon, then take corresponding measures to help the dog urinate quickly. In this regard, let’s see the specific causes and measures:

1. Not enough drinking water

The cause of your dog’s failure to urinate may be that the food is often too dry and hot, or the weather is too hot and other external factors, plus an inadequate daily water intake.

In this regard, the owner should temporarily feed the dog some easy-to-digest liquid food and plenty of water, and change the drinking water in time to ensure enough water in the dog’s body. After that, watch for diarrhea and increase urine output.

2. Urinary system problems

If the dog is still unable to urinate normally after the above measures, it could be a urinary system problem. In this regard, if the dog looks healthy, or if it is being cared for after surgery, the pet owner may first give the dog some catheter powder such as “Chong De Yi Li” to see if it is available. can help the dog to pee as soon as possible.

However, if the effect is not satisfactory or the dog is holding the urination for too long, it is advisable to bring the catheter to the pet hospital immediately and check if it is due to many causes, especially kidney function.

3. Other disease factors

Your dog’s inability to urinate normally can also be affected by other medical factors, such as a urinary stone. This type of situation is more complicated and difficult to deal with than the owner alone, so take the dog to the pet hospital for prompt treatment, and ask the veterinarian to remove the stones affecting the urination. After surgery, take care of your dog so as not to accidentally cause other problems.

I believe that under the careful care of the owner, the dog will soon recover.

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