When removing bichon worms initially, these big mistakes cannot be learned

When raising a Bich dog, I believe that everyone has the habit of deworming marigold, but there is still a lot of attention to deworming of the Bich dog. The owner must not stray into the following big mistakes, the owner can not learn!

1. Remove worms once a year
When raising bichon frise, the owner must pay attention to deworming bichon frize. Never help bichon frize once a year. This kind of misunderstanding cannot be learned.

It is recommended that puppies be first dewormed after 20-30 days after birth and that adult dogs should be dewormed every three months!

2. Remove worms regularly
Also, don’t get rid of bichon worms too often. Once a week or every two weeks is not accepted. The owner is not allowed to learn this practice. It is not good for bichon.

It is better to remove bichon worms at normal frequency!

3. Do not go outside and do not remove worms
There are also many owners who love bichon frize too much, so they will keep them at home and will not bring bichon frize out. Because of this, pet owners feel that bichon worms are not needed.

This approach is also wrong, pet owners do not learn it, and good for the body is to let the bichon frize to walk!

4. Only help it to eliminate worms outside the body
When removing kimchi worms, the owner must not forget to deworm the inside, whether inside or outside the body, it needs to be dewormed regularly, so that the body of the Bich dog can be useful.

5. Feed a variety of worm medicines
When removing kimchi worms, the owner must not give him too many deworming medicines at a time. This is not good for kimchi worms. It is better to fix a deworming remedy for a brand.

Do not give him many types of worm remedy together. After eating the worms, Bichon Frize is prone to diarrhea. Owners can feed it some probiotics!

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