When raising a dog, you will find that the dog sneezes

When raising a dog, you will find that the dog sneezes. A dog sneezing is not only a cold phenomenon, it also represents these meanings, you know?

1. Do not like the smell on your body
The sense of smell of the dog is very sensitive. Sometimes you have a strong perfume on your body. Dogs do not want to approach you because the pungent odor will irritate the dog in the nasal mucosa and cause it to sneeze, if the dog inhales too much pungent odor, even it can cause the dog to be poisoned.

2. There is a foreign body in the dog’s nose
Dogs like to smell everywhere. If you accidentally inhale the fur or dust during the sniffing process, it will also cause your dog to sneeze. Therefore, for dogs with fur, pet owners The best way is to help the dog grooming regularly, keep the house clean and keep leash when taking dogs out to avoid dogs sniffing everywhere.

3. Dogs with allergic rhinitis
If the dog has allergic rhinitis, it is also very likely to sneeze. The best owner is to find the cause of the dog rhinitis and try to avoid the dog from touching these agents, because each sneezing will cause damage to the nasal mucosa, Rhinitis aggravates.

4. Dogs have pertussis
If you find that your dog is not only sneezing, but also has a runny nose, sluggish eyes and watery eyes. At this time, the owner should pay attention to it. Likely a dog with a cough. For serious illnesses, take your dog to the doctor immediately and treat it promptly, otherwise it will be very serious.

5. It is very interesting to play, it is a time of rest
In fact, sometimes dogs don’t need to worry about sneezing. For example, when the dog sneezes when playing very excitedly, this is a normal phenomenon, because the dog is too excited and the body makes a suggestion that the dog should rest for a while.

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