When it snows, the children’s favorite thing is to invite a few friends

“Snowman” found in the Himalayas? Has anyone ever witnessed, is the snowman real?

When it snows, the children’s favorite thing is to invite a few friends to cover the snowman together. Even though the hands are very cold, this process will make the kids especially happy. However, as the temperature rises, the snowman slowly disappears. Have you ever seen a snowman walkable?

Once a Himalayan mountain climber saw a strange phenomenon, because he had seen a snowman walking in the snow with his own eyes. Is this real or fake?

Where do climbers see snowmen, in recent years people have often said that they see snowmen. As for their comments, the experts have also undergone a thorough investigation and research but no trace has been found. This makes it difficult for everyone to understand, these folk rumors are all baseless?

Whether humans or animals are difficult to survive in cold environments like the Himalayas, getting food is even more difficult. Except for some extreme cold-loving animals, almost no creatures can see in the snowy mountains, if there are snowmen in the world, how can they live in the mountains without eating?

In the absence of a professional fact basis, experts speculate that climbers have seen large white wildlife while climbing and mistakenly mistook them for humans because there were many animals living in the ice and snow for successful food. They will also have hair similar to snow, so the hiker is most likely misunderstood.

Most disappointingly, although many witnesses took pictures of the images, the information they provided was too vague to distinguish what was going in it. While one could be seen moving forward in the shot film, due to the heavy snow experts were unable to restore the face of this enormous creature, so there is no way to confirm. The true identity of this creature. After watching the movie, many people speculated that the mountain climber might have met a climber like him, but too far away, mistakenly admitted he was a beast, there were rumors that it was a snowman. But the truth of this matter cannot be verified due to insufficient evidence.

Nature has a lot of magic, there may be snowmen at indeterminate angles, but since there is no valid basis, it is impossible to verify this type of news.

Do you think there are real snowmen in the world? If so, how do they get food and survive in snow-capped mountains? I believe that with the constant advancement of human technology, sooner or later these mysteries will be revealed, do you have any special expectations?

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