When distinguishing

When distinguishing a Persian cat as a child, one should pay attention to whether they have the corresponding characteristics of a Persian cat or not, of course also pay attention to the cat’s genetics, pedigree and other information.

Persian cat (Persian cat) is a cat breed born in 1860 after more than 100 years of selection and crossbreeding in England based on the native Afghan long-haired breed and the Turkish long-haired Angora.

The Persian cat is the most popular long-haired breed, the Persian cat has a lovable face, long and gorgeous back hair, elegant manners so called “The Cat Prince” and “Princess”, they are cat breed is loved in the world. One of the reader’s favorite purebred cat breeds, occupying a very important position.

Overall appearance

Long, plump, medium to large hair, strong bones, muscular, short and straight limbs, big round short feet, short tail and well-proportioned body, long and puffy hair, very noble and stylish, Head large and round, forehead, nose and jaw flat. Very short nose, wide bridge of nose, big round eyes, rich expression, small ears, round head, very separate ears, the whole body covered with a smooth and shiny coat, Persian cat always gives people a Her noble and arrogant aura, cute face and expression, and puffed tail are all common traits from ancient times. With a gentle, obedient and gentle personality, the Persian cat’s reaction is very agile and enthusiastic, so it is loved by its owner, the Persian cat has a very beautiful and diverse coat color, with 5 main hair colors, about one color and many are raised internationally. The Cat Association recognizes that white, black, blue, and light yellow are more common, while red and turtle fur are more precious.

Personality traits

The Persian cat is intelligent, sharp, easy to train, has an obedient personality, elegant manners, sociable, low voice and likes to be pampered, so everyone loves it.

Points to note when choosing a Persian cat:

Understand shapes

First of all, we have to understand the appearance of a Persian cat, the head of a Persian cat is relatively flat, the face is like a large plate, the forehead is relatively wide, the ears on the head are relatively small, the nose will be slightly upward. and big and round eyes. Looks good and sure.

Healthy or not

The most important thing when buying a cat is choosing a healthy cat, a healthy Persian cat with bright eyes, no other discharge, and no runny nose.

The whole cat looks very clean, it is necessary to observe whether the overall shape is beautiful, whether the bones are well developed, the body movements are coordinated or not, when the owner teases, its spirit is relatively enough. A strong Persian cat.

Understand age

If you do not feel very careful when buying it is best to choose a Persian cat that has been weaned and adapted to eating cat food, such a Persian cat basically takes shape and the state does not change. Many, if you are a kitten, you need it. Take care of it more.

Buy places often

In fact, purebred Persian cats on the market are relatively few, with very high prices, when buying, you must choose a store that sells regular pets to buy, so you should not be cheap at roadside shops, lest you lose money. on pocket. The cat may not be a Persian cat.

Preventive measures

If the owner has bought a Persian cat, you must brush it every day as it has more hair and falls off more easily. If they do not brush their belly in time, they can easily become knotted and entwined, which will produce bacteria. Affect its health.

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