When a dog is lame

When a dog is lame, exhaustion is generally ineffective. Pet owners should first find the cause of the lame dog, and then treat it symptomatically to effectively address the root of the problem. Here are the common causes and ways to overcome lame dogs, pet owners wishing to refer to appropriate application:

1. Injury to the feet and foot pads

If the dog is suddenly lame, it can be caused by stepping on a sharp object such as broken glass, small rocks, … when going out, causing a foot cushion injury, or being injured by playing with another dog, running too fast and bumping into another place. Foot injury etc.

In this regard, pet owners should first check the dog’s feet and pads. If wounds are found, they can be cleaned with a cotton swab and iodine, then sprinkled with some “suitable for the speed of the pet”, then covered with gauze to avoid infection. However, if the wound is severe or shows signs of fracture, the pet should be taken to hospital for immediate treatment.

2. Long-term calcium deficiency

If the owner feeds the dog a single food or dog food for a long time, the dog’s nutrition will be imbalanced, easily leading to calcium deficiency. One of the obvious symptoms of calcium deficiency is lame walk, severe cases can cause the dog’s legs to be bent and deformed.

In this case, it is advisable to give the dog owner some calcium supplements such as “Wang Ligai” for dogs, a powder that can be mixed directly into the dog food will help the dog return to its normal state in time. short. Calcium level. In addition, we must also pay more attention to sun exposure and maintain proper exercise. After maintaining this for a while, the dog may get better.

Three, the general problem

The cause of the lame dog can also be caused by the owner improper feeding such as: regularly feeding the dog up and down stairs, being too active, living for a long time in a cold, humid environment, being overweight, etc. This type of behavior often increases the burden on the dog’s joints, causes joint problems and lags the dog.

In this regard, if the dog looks relatively normal and healthy, the pet owner can try giving the dog some general dog nutrients like “Jie Liqu” first, then observe the dog’s response to see if it improves gradually. Phenomena. However, if the results are few or the dog’s condition is severe, the dog should be taken to the pet hospital for prompt treatment.

In addition to the situations listed above, a dog’s limp can also be used to win the owner’s attention or pretend to be limp for a purpose. Ultimately, this kind of situation is relatively rare, but there are many examples on the Internet.

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