When a dog is beaten by its owner

Occasionally, when the owner is beating the dog, we rarely see the dog rebelling, so why does the dog rebell by accident when the owner is beating the dog? The following reasons are actually more realistic, you know?

1. Know how to be grateful
In fact, dogs are very grateful animals. In general, if you raise them, they are very loyal to you. In the process of breeding, even if the owner beats the dog, the dog will not resist at will, just because they are loyal!

2. Endure silently
Sometimes the dog is beaten by the owner, the dog may be unhappy, but all they can do is silently endure it, even if they want to resist, they will endure it.

The owner must remember not to hit and scold the dog by accident. After a long time, some dogs may resist, and some dogs may become depressed, etc., having a great influence on their growth.

3. That is really its fault
Dogs know that they are wrong and their IQ is very high. They will observe the owner’s eyes and act. If the owner shows a scolding after doing something, the dog will know that he has done it wrong. So it’s quite sinful in its heart, so when you punish him, it won’t resist. But when the dog does something wrong, the owner should not beat and scold him blindly, and he should be trained and repaired promptly. You can bring snacks as a reward during training, and the effect will be better.

4. Think that you are the leader
Dogs are social animals. Like wolves, there is usually a leader in their group, and they will absolutely obey the leader. In family life, dogs often consider the owner as the leader and boss. So when the owner is angry, the dog often feels scared. If the owner wants to beat the dog, he doesn’t dare to resist.

5. This is the character
Whether a dog will fight back is really related to its personality. There are lots of grumpy dogs, and when they encounter bullying, most of them choose to fight back. If they are the boss, they will also warn their owners not to go too far. But there are some dogs, they have very docile personalities, not to mention the owner beat them, even strangers beat them, they do not dare to slap their teeth, they are beaten by strangers, and they will just escape Useful!

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