What should I pay attention to when probing my baby?

As we all know, probiotics are inhabited by humans and animals and are a beneficial microorganism that works for the host. In recent years, probiotics have been widely used in pet health foods to protect the health of pets.

Probiotics have many benefits for the pet’s body, such as being able to improve the efficiency of the animal’s digestive ability, improve the immunity of the pet, etc. Therefore, many shovel officers will prepare probiotics at home to prepare for pets when they need it. When having a new pet at home, after the pet has been vaccinated, when changing pet food and when feeding pesticides for pets, it is especially important to pay attention to the addition of probiotics to prevent Pet discomfort.

Probiotics are the best choice for pets. Today, probiotics are mixed with fish and dragons, and the quality is uneven. It is especially important to choose a safe and healthy probiotics suitable for pets.


Gudeng probiotics are specially developed for the digestive tract properties of pets. It contains four types of probiotics, including bifidobacterium with anti-diarrhea effects, Enterococcus faecalis, Bacillus subtilis and lichen, which can improve soft stools. Bacillus. In addition, Gudeng probiotics also contain fructooligosaccharides, a type of water-soluble fiber, that can better protect the digestive tract health of pets.

When feeding probiotics, shovel staff should pay attention to the following to avoid misunderstandings and harm to pets.

1. Pets with acute gastroenteritis should not feed probiotics immediately. At this point, the pet’s intestinal lining is damaged and probiotics have nowhere to attach. Excessive supplementation will only worsen diarrhea. Shovel staff should remove livestock germs promptly, add water to prevent dehydration, and wait until the pet’s intestinal mucosa gradually recovers, then add probiotics.

2. For allergic diarrhea, allergens should be eliminated first, symptom treatment should be used to suppress allergies, and allergens should be removed before giving to the pet. eat probiotics. If you’re not sure about a pet allergy, you can give your pet a special probiotics that contain anti-allergenic agents to help regulate your pet’s gut health.

3. Diarrhea caused by food poisoning

The so-called disease comes from the mouth. When a pet eats some unhealthy food and causes toxic diarrhea, the first thing a shovel worker needs to do is help the pet expel the foreign body, add water but not feed it, wait until the body Foreign water is discharged, then fed. Probiotics.

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