What should I do if the dog does not eat?

In regards to the problem of dogs not eating, eight out of nine parents have encountered it. After consulting a lot of relevant information, many experienced friends came up with their own suggestions and ideas.

There seems to be some meaning, but let’s continue to look at the roots ~

As one of the top three pet hospitals in the pet industry, Nanjing Tianyuan Pet Hospital has hired experts and professors from Nanjing Agricultural University as its dean. In terms of why dogs don’t eat, professional pet doctors at Tianyuan Hospital offer these two possibilities:
First: the dog is in poor health


1. Illness: Do people have a good appetite when they have a cold or gastrointestinal discomfort, let alone a dog? ! Therefore, if your dog does not eat suddenly and is accompanied by a number of obvious illnesses, parents should pay close attention and recommend going to the hospital to check and confirm the diagnosis.

2. Estrus: It’s normal for bitches to lose their appetite when it’s hot.

Suitable for a little cooked chicken breast or broccoli in dog food, Gu Dang probiotics also help dogs regulate the stomach to improve appetite. Gudeng Probiotic employs three major suppliers of probiotics in the world — The source of Denmark’s Kohansen bacteria, the fourth most beneficial bacteria and effectively solve pet’s intestinal problems. very good;

3. Replacing teeth: 3-6 months is the time to change teeth, because loose teeth make dogs not eat well

Dog food can be soaked in hot water until warm and fed, or wet food can be added to dry food before the dog eats it;

4. Ingestion: In the process of walking the dog, picking up broken food or other food that falls by the roadside will generally lead to loss of appetite or vomiting;

Should go out and not only prevent dogs from fleeing but also avoid bodily harm due to strange dog food and other foreign objects;

The second type: most of the time because the dots lead to picky eating

Picky dogs are often caused by the wrong feeding behavior of their owner, summarized as follows:

1. Not to eat when feeding, but dog food is still not to eat;

2. Snacks and foods are mostly given more, and the discomfort is not in a specific order;

3. Too spoiled, the dog wants to give him better food or snacks without eating;


1. Do not leave food where the dog can directly approach it and do not feed it if you want to eat it;

2. Feed at a fixed time, proper diet structure + eating habits, for example, dogs have two meals a day and take away without eating a bowl of rice within ten minutes;

3. Appropriate amount of snacks and canned foods: If you feed more, it is not only easy to change the mouth but also not good for the body.

I have shared a lot, I hope it will help you shovel officials, like to remember to like it and pay attention.

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