What should I do if my dog suddenly doesn’t eat?

As they say: people are iron, rice is steel, and they are hungry without meals. In fact, it’s not just for humans, but for dogs as well.

Dogs are active in everyday life and consume a lot of energy. They need to eat and replenish in time to ensure the dog has enough energy to play with the shovel officer and monitor the shovel nursing home.

But what if the dog suddenly doesn’t like to eat? Many shit officers will be overwhelmed by the sudden changes in dogs. Don’t worry about contact, if the dog has an abnormal appetite, you can consider the following four aspects, take the medicine properly and let the dog restore its appetite and return to a healthy state.


1. Stress response due to environmental change

Living in one place is a habit, and the sudden change of residence and environment will cause the dog to have a stress response. Just as people often say “dissatisfied with water and soil”, dogs will have an unpleasant time. If the shit worker wants to bring the dog to a new environment, to avoid the dog’s stress response, the shit staff can bring something familiar to the dog, so the dog can find a little bit safe.

2. Unpleasant phenomenon when replacing seeds

Changing food will also make your dog anorexic. Therefore, if a shit employee wants to change dog food, it is best to take a step-by-step approach, gradually adding new food to the old food, so that the dog can slowly adapt to the taste of the food. Eat new, to avoid sudden changes and discomfort.

3. Poor eating is caused by physical discomfort

Dogs that get sick and some physical problems will also affect their appetite and make them less likely to eat. Shovel employees should take care of your dog, and don’t let your dog catch a cold, pay attention to the dog’s diet and hygiene to avoid getting mouth disease. If the dog is found to be in poor health, the shovel staff must promptly take the dog to the hospital for inspection.

4. Gastrointestinal issues need attention

If the dog suddenly stops eating, the shovel staff should observe whether the dog has a gastrointestinal problem. In everyday life, unhealthy eating habits and feeding unhygienic food can cause gastrointestinal problems in dogs, and officers need to pay attention. If the dog has a gastrointestinal problem, the shit staff can feed the dog some Gudeng digestive treasures to help correct the dog’s digestive problems.

Gudeng’s digestive tract treasure is specially developed for animal’s digestive tract characteristics, rich in three types of probiotics and four types of enzymes, which can effectively improve the animal’s intestinal problems and solve the problem. deal with stomach discomfort in many pets. In addition, Gudeng’s products are made from food ingredients, safe and healthy, have achieved the certification of the US FDA and European CE, the quality is guaranteed and the only product. Essential for pet families.

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