What should care for a 2-month-old Alaskan puppy?

Caring for a 2-month-old Alaskan puppy is drawn from practice by experienced breeders. We will present some bloody experiences to share with you who love this sled dog. This is an important age for puppies, if you have good care, Alaskan Malamute dogs will grow up healthily and live longer.


About the Alaskan dog breed

The Alaskan dog, also known as the Alaska Malamute, is related to the Husky breed. This is a snow dog that lives in the cold arctic. They are used in towing on white snow. Up to now, this breed has 3 basic sizes according to growing size:

They have many different colors such as black and white, gray white, red brown, white. They have a very thick coat that can withstand extremely cold weather. But that is why the hair care for Alaskan dogs is also difficult.

Currently, this breed is very popular in Vietnam. However, with the differences in climate and weather, caring for a puppy is not easy. Especially the selection of Alaskan dog food. They are inherently not picky eaters, but if they do not eat properly they will make them sick and shorten their lifespan.

Carefully examine the Alaskan puppy’s origin before buying

You should understand the origin of the Alaskan Malamute dog. The price for an Alaskan puppy is not cheap. Therefore, to avoid the case of “money loss carrying disability” you should actively investigate. The best if the conditions can go to the hatchery, the dog owner to observe. Healthy, agile dogs should be chosen. Buy dogs that are born in Vietnam to get used to the climate and weather, and care is also easier.

If you’re buying Chinese breeds, it’s best not to catch puppies. Because it is an Alaskan puppy after moving away, easy to get sick. There are conditions that you can always catch a big dog, it is safer. And for the most part today in Vietnam, if catching dogs, most of them are imported from China.

How much does it cost to buy the cheapest Alaskan puppy?

Currently, Alaskan puppies born in the dog camps are usually ordered first. So if you want to buy this breed, you need to be quick-handed, fast-paced to be able to own a good quality dog.

There are many people who sell very cheap Alaskan puppies. Even under 1 million. However, such offerings are extremely unreliable. Because no Alaskan puppy has such a price tag. You can refer to the price list of 2-month-old Alaskan dogs sold at reputable dog farms in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City as follows:

Hygiene when raising a 2 month old Alaskan puppy

No matter what kind of dog you have, you need to keep the puppies clean and their environment clean. Maintaining good hygiene will help keep dogs healthier. Every day you should clean the barn, the bowl of leftovers. Bacteria and parasites can lurk anywhere, cleanliness helps prevent their invasion.

If you have a shelter for dogs and keep them locked up sometimes, the cage should always be cool. In winter, you should buy carpets, bedding for puppies to warm.

Newly captured puppies should not take them out. During the first ten days, the best way to keep a 2-month-old Alaskan puppy is indoors. Let them get used to the environment, the space right at the garden. This will help them feel more secure and less anxious.

For how to raise a 2-month-old Alaskan puppy you need to be careful in the training. This is the age when getting used to and can be taught. Training your dog to go to the toilet in the right place and listening to his owner will help you feel a lot more relaxed after they get older.

Vaccinated for 2-month old Alaskan dogs

Usually, the dog seller will announce 2 injections 7 diseases. However, many people do not. The method of keeping 2-month-old Alaskan dogs is not the same as when they were adults. The vaccination is absolutely essential. Should not always be injected but for about 2-3 days when the dog gets used to it, the health has been restored.

Note also not to leave more than 3 weeks since the separation of the mother. At about 2 months old separation. Small dogs, unfortunately with Pravo or Care, have a very rare survival rate. You should also adequately worm your puppies to kill them. Follow up health for 2 month old Alaskan dogs periodically under the guidance of veterinarian.

Nutrition for Alaskan dogs

Building a diet for 2-month old Alaskan dogs

There are many ways to develop a reasonable and scientific diet for this breed. You can prepare and cook food for them yourself. However this will take a lot of your time. If they don’t cook with their taste they may not want to eat them. What a waste of your efforts.

Unlike the breeds of dogs Poodle, Phoc, Becgie, Pug … Alaska dog food has its own characteristics. Being a working dog, their daily energy consumption is huge. Required to provide more food.

As a child, you can feed them into several meals: breakfast, lunch, dinner, dinner. After gradually shortening and increasing the ration for each meal. 2-month-old Alaskan dogs can be “weaned”. Combine with using digestive enzymes and calcium supplements for puppies to have the best growth. Note, do not feed the puppies raw, fishy, ​​salty, and fatty foods. These foods are very harmful to their health and gut.

It may be unfamiliar to the puppies when they first come home. Before catching a dog, ask the owner carefully about the puppy’s diet. The safest way to raise 2-month-old Alaskan puppies is to feed them the same diet as in the old home. After you get used to it, you can adjust it to be more reasonable.

Note when feeding 2-month-old Alaskan dogs

Note, do not want to take care of Alaskan dog too much but force him to eat too much. A day should eat from 3 to 4 meals. Especially for dog food, you should not give your dog fishy, ​​salty, raw foods …

The digestive system of a 2-month-old Alaskan dog is still very poor, so it is very susceptible to dangerous intestinal diseases. When dogs get older they can nibble on their bones to make sure they have teeth. You can buy calcium-gnawed bones for safety.

Quality Alaskan Dog Food

In addition to making and cooking Alaskan dog food by yourself, you should combine grain foods for them. These are all processed foods with a balanced amount of nutrients. You can rest assured to use both Alaskan dogs 2 months old and older. Just soak the dry dog ​​food with a little water or milk, and the puppies will have a good meal.

Introducing a 2-month-old Alaskan dog to dry food has many benefits for you and your pet. You can save a lot of money and time. At the same time, with pets it can ensure adequate nutrients needed for a whole life cycle. From the moment they are young until they reach adulthood.

For Alaskan dogs 2 months of age and older you can choose from a number of brands such as: Royal Canin, MOSHM, MEC, ANF … These are the foods recommended by nutrition experts. They are manufactured on international quality standards so they are very safe.

Alternatively, you can change your dog’s taste by mixing wet and dry foods together. Some types of wet food, pate, sausage, dog sauce that is favored by pet owners include Jerhigh, IRIS …

How to care for the coat of Alaskan dogs

For how to raise a 2-month old Alaskan puppy in skin and fur care is similar to a Husky, Samoyed. They have quite thick and dense fur. The beauty of this breed is greatly appreciated by its coat. To have beautiful feathers, you need a lot of time to care for them. Brush them often from a young age.

When you bathe your dog, do not use soap from the person bathing your dog. A high pH makes dog hair frizzy. Use a dedicated dog and cat bath gel. To properly bathe your puppy, you can refer to petmart.vn. Dry the dog’s hair and clean the dog’s ears to avoid skin inflammation, colds, crib cough …

In addition to bathing the 2-month-old Alaskan dog to create a habit from a young age, you also need to regularly trim the dog’s coat. Make sure your dog has a smooth, clean, and frizz-free coat. You can check out the dog hair trimming packages at Pet Mart if you don’t have time to take care of them.

Hopefully with some of the experiences in how to raise a 2-month old Alaskan puppy above can help you in raising your puppy. Good luck!

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