What kind of dog is the most spirited

We often say that dogs are more spiritual, so which pet dog is the most spiritual? The following types of dogs are more spiritual. I wonder if your dog is among them?

6. Poodle
Poodle has very agile skills and good body ratio. Poodle is charming and captivating, and exudes a sense of confidence. And this kind of confidence not all dogs can possess, they are very intelligent, can understand your mind, are full of spirituality.


5. Golden retriever
The aura of the Golden Retriever and its body shape were completely incomparable. The Golden Retriever with its large body has the warm and sunny characteristic of a child. When its owner is immersed in grief, the Golden Retriever will always stretch as its owner. Say: You are still me!

Is there anyone else who can resist such a compassionate, warm and spirited Golden Retriever?

4. Labrador
Labrador is a very spiritual dog. It can see what the owner is thinking from the owner’s movement and the change in his expression. For example, as a guide dog, Labrador sometimes has to observe the owner’s appearance to figure out what his owner needs, otherwise how to be a very good guide dog.


3. Borders
The Border Collie is a very intelligent dog, even ranked first among more than a hundred dog bre

eds and has a particularly strong shepherd ability. They are very docile, do not bite people, and do not harm children. They are very good at observing words and observing colors, and can accurately grasp the intentions of the owner.

Bian Mu is very smart and has the ability to think independently. Sometimes it’s not easy to train. So, if you want to train the Border Shepherd, combine snacks as an auxiliary tool, reward and tempt the dog when appropriate, so you can obediently cooperate with you.

2. German shepherd
German Shepherd dogs are very warm, loyal and intelligent to their owners. It is important that they know how to obey orders, so they are widely used as military dogs. Not surprisingly, German shepherds are on the list.

The German Shepherd is a shedding dog, and indiscriminate eating can easily lead to diarrhea, vomiting and other problems, so owners should pay more attention to the diet issues of their surname. It is best to feed the staple food with light, high quality, balanced natural foods, such as “Greasy, natural dog food”, to avoid overeating and salty dog ​​food aggravating hair loss.

1. Chinese rural dog
Rural Chinese dogs, also known as local dogs, can be found everywhere in the countryside. In the past, every family basically raised one child. It may not be as beautiful as other dogs in appearance, but it may be the most human and spiritual.

It can determine exactly what is good for them and what is bad for them based on the characteristics of the owner.

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