What is the experience of an animal lover?

What is the experience of an animal lover? A young man raised two husks by himself. Then one day while he was watching Moments, a friend sold hedgehogs in Moments, which excited him. interest rate.

This young man had a cat, a dog and a fish, then the cat was lost and the fish died, only two husks left, then he felt that he had never raised a pig. Although he has seen a pig, I have never seen a hedgehog.

All of them also want to buy a hedgehog, but recently, because of financial tightness, they should not buy, finally gritted their teeth to buy, when sending out, they found it was two small porcupines. can dogs eat asian pears

But don’t look at it small. Later, this guy showed interest. As soon as he saw the hedgehog, the guy immediately observed it closely. There are many thorns on its body, giving other people a cold feeling.

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These two porcupines not only attract the young man, but also the two hedgehogs living in the house, the two hedgehogs seriously look at these two little porcupines, feeling that these two hedgehogs will definitely come to this house. It’s time to compete with them again.
With pets, you will find a lot of joy in life and you will find a lot of humor among animals. One netizen raised a kitten and shared the cat’s daily life and some funny things on the Internet throughout the day. The incident has attracted the attention of many netizens.

Some netizens commented similarly to the following, today netizens shared online that they had just caught a large fish, said to contribute in the afternoon of summer. The kitten looks intently at the fish in the pot.

After all, fish is the cat’s favorite food, so he stared at the fish swimming in the pots, if there is no owner, the cat will definitely show its full form, if there is an owner then it will only be more careful. than.

Someone looking at the cat like that couldn’t help but smile, couldn’t help but mock that the cat was really a gluttonous man, then the cat became brave, stuck its head in the pot, and smelled the swimming fish, as if it’s true. He wants to be the owner’s noodles to eat all the fish. The owner did not object, instead he was worried that the cat would fall into the water in the pot.

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