We often say

We often say, cat-raising is just like raising a girl, normally a guy would choose to raise a dog, but a foreign netizen loves cats so he has an orange cat. An orange cat loves to stick to him.

And this orange cat seems to like its owner very much, it lies quietly in the man’s arms while the male owner is watching TV, if the male owner puts it on his paw, the cat will be very unhappy. And the cat often kisses its host, and the host is helpless.

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But one day when the host took his girlfriend home, the cat was very unhappy. The host’s girlfriend looks at the host’s girlfriend. The girlfriend who sees this type of cat is also very happy, but the girlfriend of the host is very opposed, as long as the host girlfriend can keep it. Will come out of her arms.

During the meal, the cat was married in front of the host’s girlfriend, the host saw a cat resembling himself and thought that the cat would be jealous. As a rivalry, there is no one for such a cat!

We all know that dogs are very cute animals, they are very kind and loyal, once the owner has been identified, it will last a lifetime, so many people like to keep dogs as pets to add adornment. for my family. joyous.

A sausage worker kept a dog in the house, this dog was usually very obedient and never messed with the owner, but one day the dog saw a small rooster near the house, so the dog he became restless and bit his dog leash.

The owner is cooking at home and does not know what happened, the owner hears the chicken flying and the dog jumps out, the dog has already bit this chicken, this chicken is raised by the neighbor next to him. listen to. After the sound was heard, the owner was dumbfounded when faced with such a dog.

The owner can only continually apologize to the neighbor next to him, perhaps the owner probably did not expect that the gentle dog was often irritable when he saw the chicken, no blame the ancient Chinese saying that the dog was not peaceful, day by day. Now we can see the owner as our own experience. Such a dog is truly helpless.
Have you ever seen a dog pick up a bottle tick? Maybe some dogs like to bite at things, like biting plastic bottles. But this time the obedient golden retriever also started saving bottles at home.

Among the dogs, the yellow-haired dog is gentle and sensitive. Its shape and appearance often give people a sense of peace. A netizen raised a golden retriever. The golden retriever is both obedient, obedient and also very understanding of how to sympathize with its owner. The owners consider the golden retriever as a treasure.

The owner treats the golden retriever badly is impossible. But lately, Golden Retriever always takes bottles of wine to go home. Nobody teaches it, and it starts this behavior. The original owner didn’t care, but just threw the bottle out again. After that, the golden retriever came back again. The owner threw it again, and the golden retriever grabbed it once more. After that, the owner spoke to the golden retriever two or three times, but the golden retriever did not listen. When the owner wanted to throw the bottle out again, Jin Mao kept the bottle in his mouth to prevent the owner from throwing it out.

what is the truth. It turned out that these days, the consumers were spending sparingly, and the money was a bit tight. However, the owner did not make the Golden Retriever suffer. The smart Golden Retriever knows that the bottle can sell for money, so he keeps the bottle, trying to share some of the difficulties with its owner.

This golden-haired dog is really proper, not as naughty as a husky and knows how to reduce the burden on the family to support the family. I will love it more in the future.

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