We all know the German Shepherd Dog

We all know the German Shepherd Dog is a medium-sized, strong and aggressive breed that, once its owner is identified, will be very loyal to its owner and do its best to protect it. And another civic safety skill is to help the shepherd owner. The man has a large herd of sheep and also has two German shepherd dogs. Usually, a man takes his children out to shepherd the sheep for peace of mind, because the German shepherd dog will not only protect the safety of the small owner, but also help the man watch. House of sheep.

The man found it easy to go out to shepherd, because the German Shepherd was actually too smart, not only to observe the sheep, but also to prevent sheep from being stolen by others. Sometimes the sheep would eat his food indiscriminately, the German shepherd rushed forward to stop, the man felt really happy to have such a large flock and two shepherds. Virtue.

The point is that the little owner likes Dudemu very much during the day, goes to shepherd during the day, the little owner quickly gets tired of running and climbing the German Shepherd, the dog doesn’t resist but takes the little owner out safely. Running around, the little master was very happy.

Seeing the little master lying on the steady German shepherd, I know it is not the first time, it seems that the little master and the German shepherd really work together very well, the little master crawls onto the German shepherd. . I didn’t feel scared at all, but felt that I was playing with my partner.
As one of the animals that are very popular in our daily life, since ancient times dogs have become an extremely important companion in human life, since ancient times dogs are the first choice. nursing homes, even modern dogs. There are many things dogs can do, such as search and rescue dogs, drug detection dogs, police dogs, military dogs, guide dogs, and other jobs they can do.

How dogs contribute to your health and happiness

And most dogs are still used as family pets, but although many dogs have now become family pets, their status has improved a lot since ancient times. In ancient times they could only take care of their families. hospital.

In modern times people basically don’t let them go to nursing homes but treat them with their hearts, really like them, and some shovel officers feed them as if they were raising children. With.


And what we are talking about is also the pet dog of the family. The dog that we are talking about today can be said to be very naughty and mischievous, how do you say? Let me talk about it, all say that the Labrador is an obedient animal, but the owner’s Labrador is like a husky in the Labrador skin, it’s very mischievous. I also love to bite, today the furniture in the house is messed up again, the owner is so angry that he wants to teach him a lesson, Labrador thought, a while later it was officially his second birthday my dog. ? Just teach him a lesson that day

Today is Labrador’s two-year-old birthday. The owner had pre-ordered a cake at the bakery to celebrate the birthday of his dog. When he first took out the cake, his dog loved it because of its shape. Originally a puppy but soon, the owner ate the dog in front of him, after witnessing the owner brutally eating the dog, Labrador looked terrified. His face wrote: Why are you so cruel? Why eat my kind?

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