We all know that nowadays a lot of people love to keep dogs

We all know that nowadays a lot of people love to keep dogs, people share their daily lives with their dogs on Douyin, just like people have to surf Weibo every day. That has formed a habit.

The editor thinks that raising a pet is actually burying an egg for yourself, because the later life of a pet is unknown. Although it takes a lot of time and energy, you don’t know where they will be. Time will bring you a lot of surprises, so you must have expectations for your pet.

A shovel worker has a puppy in the house. This puppy is very cute, but his baby is not particularly obedient, because their baby is only two years old, and he does it when there is nothing to do. I love fighting my dogs and taking their toys.

But one day, the shovel worker was surprised that his child wanted water from the dog. The dog did not let the little owner drink, the little owner pushed the dog out very angry, when the dog came, the little owner pushed away. The little owner seemed angry, wanting to take this water with the dog. The host was also dumbfounded at this time.
Everyone knows that Samoyed is a very cute dog, with a round head, hairy body and snow-white body, looking to be close. Not wrong, the two Samoyed below every day love to lie on their tummy cute sales, attracting all kinds of beauties to touch their heads every day, it’s really fun.

It turned out that there were two Samoyed in the shovel officer’s house, trying hard every day, not being at home during the day and having to go to work, so the two Samoyed felt very bored.

To entertain, Samoyed always nestled against the wall of his house, stuck out his tongue, they were very cute, every time someone passed by, especially some young girls thought they were cute and pretty. Come and touch their heads and take a picture with them.

If their deceiver knew that they were also jealous, every day there were all kinds of beauties surrounding these two sons, this was probably not the treatment of the ancient emperor.

But I must say the pure white Samoyed looks irresistible cute.

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