We all know that animals also have emotions

We all know that animals also have emotions, although they do not have enough language to express their emotions, they can use their actual actions to make people feel their emotions. . In fact, this kind of feeling transcends species, and it doesn’t prevent them from expressing feelings for each other. The man has a Rottweiler dog. Men often like to walk dogs, dogs are also very docile, although aggressive, they are actually very friendly with humans.

And sometimes Rottweiler is very funny. When the man took him for a walk in the lake, Rottweiler saw the beautiful swan in the lake, and Rottweiler could not move his legs immediately. Then he stared at the swan in the lake, but the swan showed an arrogant expression and ignored the Rottweiler. After that, Rottweiler could not sit still and watch the swan treat him like that, after reaching the lake, having pounded hard and jumped into the water, Rottweiler swam towards the swan, making the swan scared. Up.

After the swan was frightened, of course flying straight, Rottweiler unexpectedly recklessly approached, even risked his life, but the swan responded to him like that, as if Rottweiler was heartbroken. Understood. The man laughed at Rottweiler’s reaction, it turned out to be a swan, and still a bit of arrogance. Rottweiler stood there dumbfounded, watching the swan go away sadly.
When many dogs saw their kind, they were either cheerful, or rushed to fight each turn. Regardless of the opponent’s size, he cannot lose his momentum.

These days, a Samoyed and a starling are entwined. But Satsuma was also locked in a cage, even though he was much older than mynah, but because he was locked in a cage, his eldest brother was brave and growled carelessly.

It is estimated that some of the masters could not bear it, thinking that they were so noisy that they put the starling in Samoyed’s cage, and did they dare to be arrogant seeing the starling this time? After realizing the master’s decision, Starling protested inside. Even so, the opponent was so big, he still couldn’t do it. Last month, looking at mynah locked in joy, now you are still ferocious outside?

But Samoyed was more sensible, and he didn’t like fighting or fighting. I just felt I couldn’t lose in aura, the other party kept scolding me, I couldn’t admit. But now that Starling and Samoyed have been locked together, they decided last month to be more generous and accept the partner. But this partner might be a little embarrassed at this point, and he dared not look Samoyed directly.

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