Under normal circumstances

Under normal circumstances, the Corgi dog can begin to supplement calcium after three months of age, since it is in a period of strong growth and development, calcium requirements will be relatively high. Some new employees may not understand how to add calcium to Corgi dogs. In this regard, based on the individual’s experience in raising Corgi, here are some popular methods of calcium supplementation for Corgi for you to read:


1. Choose better quality dog ​​food

I believe that many pet families choose to offer dog food, which is more convenient and less anxious. However, the quality of dog food is good or not, poor quality dog ​​food contains high salt content, low nutritional value, Corgi after long-term eating is often prone to calcium deficiency.

Therefore, it is recommended that the shovel officer should choose to buy some high quality, high calcium calcium dog food for Corgi within his capacity. And it is best to ask if the calcium content of dog food will meet the Corgi needs at this stage before buying.

2. Additional and reasonable calcium supplement

Most dogs are more active and active, have a greater amount of daily exercise, and have a higher need for calcium. Therefore, the shovel officer needs to feed Corgi with some calcium-rich foods such as shrimp skin, soy products, bone broth, etc.

In addition, because Corgi is in the stage of growth and strong development, in addition to calcium supplements, players can also add some calcium supplements for dogs such as “Wang Ligai”. Eat according to the age and weight of the dog. However, it helps the Corgi maintain normal calcium levels, allowing the Corgi to grow healthy.

3. Exercise reasonable and get more sunshine

To help Corgi supplement calcium, in addition to calcium supplementation from the inside, shovel workers also need to take other necessary measures to promote Corgi to absorb calcium and achieve the real purpose of supplementation. calcium.

In this regard, shovel staff should take the Corgi out for a walk in the morning or evening when the weather is clear and in the sun. On the one hand, it has the effect of training the Corgi body and deepening the relationship between the Corgi and the owner, on the other hand, the ultraviolet rays in the sun help Corgi absorb and metabolize calcium better. But pay attention to the sun, generally half an hour is appropriate.

Above are the calcium supplementation methods that are often applied by individuals, hoping to bring some reference for new dog owners.

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