Today, to soothe the family atmosphere and make

Today, to soothe the family atmosphere and make the family atmosphere more vibrant, many people choose to keep a pet at home to make the family space more cozy, but many pets bring joy. Fun for homeowners, sometimes. Some unfortunate things will happen, and this will be punished by the employer.

My friend has been fond of small animals since childhood and always wanted to raise a dog of his own, after his friend’s life was stable he raised a small yellow dog, although this dog sometimes naughty but it will take it out with you. Lots of fun.

One day, when my friend came home from work, seeing that the dress he had just bought had been torn by this man and had not been worn once, he was very angry so he prepared this stick to scare it. It has a long memory.

My friend went looking for Puppies to solve, maybe this little boy knew his fault was discovered by his owner, he ran when he saw the owner coming but unfortunately he chose the wrong way and went into a dead corner and was arrested by the owner.

At first, the puppy was still not convinced, seeing the stick in his friend’s hand, he just honestly apologized, the friend tapped a few times with the stick so that he could learn from experience a little, see if he would dare to is not. I dare to bite, my friend has not fed the dog at night, so he locked it in the cage and reflected.
Currently, many people choose to keep pets at home to relieve family atmosphere and pressure of life, want a more harmonious family atmosphere, dogs are the pets that many people choose, and treat their owners faithfully. It also brings a lot of joy to the owner.

One day my friend came home from work, and was walking on the road and saw an aunt sitting on the side of the road with a big yellow dog carrying a basket, the friend looking back and forth, it turned out that she was selling some . A puppy has just weaned.

My friend is a man who loves animals, seeing this, I chatted with my aunt for a while, it turned out that these puppies were born of the big yellow dog next to her. The family really can’t keep a lot of dogs so I’m going to bring a little sales guy.

My friend also understands this aunt very well, in the end, the family raising so many dogs is very troublesome, my friends do not know that this big golden dog is watching his child being sold. After all, dogs are also very affectionate animals and the mother’s love for their children is even greater than that.

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