Today, many people prefer to keep pets

Today, many people prefer to keep pets, especially dogs, since dogs are more human animals, it can understand what people say, but there are some exceptions, such as huskies. . It is the most famous dog in the dog world, it is famous not because it is smart, cute but because it has a lot of bad actions, can destroy the house, talk about the owner and give you all kinds surprise.

A woman who keeps a Husky in the house, often has a very cute and cute Husky in the house, she often does many things that the owner does not expect, like many other huskies, the biggest characteristic of This Husky brother is destructive. But the woman who has raised it for a long time, understands its different temperament, will normally lock it in the cage to prevent it from tearing the house apart, also taking it out to mold and diverge. Energy, so this husky hasn’t caused much trouble in the woman’s home so far.

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But lately the woman is on a business trip, what can I do with this husky, so the woman wants to send husky to her parents to take care of it for a few days, not to the pet store, because She is afraid the dogs will be wrong so she sends dogs to her parents. There, the woman is attacked by a message from her mother as soon as she gets off the plane, it turns out that the Husky was messing up at her mother’s house and messing up her mother’s house.

It was just that they went to buy groceries for a while without putting them in the cage, Husky caused such a disaster, but the woman clearly told them to keep it in the cage when she left. Parents understand why the woman said that, and later on they must put the husks in the cage to let the woman play.
Today, many people like to keep pets indoors because they think that pets can bring us a lot of joy and can accompany us to grow up, especially when people feel life and work. their stress was particularly stressful. Having a pet can help relieve these stresses.

The owner has raised a kitten in his own home, because this cat is relatively small so it looks especially cute, is in the palm of the owner and the owner cannot put it down. On this day, the owner saw this cat very cute and wanted to bite it.

So he didn’t hold back, and brought the cat’s head straight into his mouth. This scene may seem scary but the owner just wants to confess his love to the cat. But his move scared the cat.

Cats always feel that they are out of danger, after getting out of their mouths, they become irritable and dare not approach their owners anymore, always feel like they will eat themselves, but this is just a way for the owner to express love. .

Since then, picking up this cat has been even more difficult for the owner, as this cat has always escaped from its owner and sees it as its own world, and it seems that fingerprinting comes at a cost.

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