This is absolutely true

It’s good to have a big dog at home and it can help protect the house.

This is absolutely true, this is also one of the reasons why many years ago people in the countryside liked to keep dogs, but they were basically indigenous dogs, different from the pet dogs you will come across in your life. A piece of rice is fine.

Not all dogs can watch the house, some shepherd dogs are too friendly.

This happens but dogs are more vigilant at night, if there is a noise outside, they will bark, which is also one of the best anti-theft measures. With an earth wall, the dog lives in the yard.

Large size may not be enough to watch the house, for example the Golden Retriever is not suitable for keeping the house.

Golden Retriever is friendly and obedient to everyone, that’s consensus.

Honestly, if you take it back to the countryside, it will only attract the envy of the villagers, as in front of it is the garden dog, the yellow haired dog is relatively good looking and much bigger, but if You want it to have to take care of the house. Then forget it, it’s not possible at all.

Netizens in Thailand have a golden retriever and she often takes the dog for walks.

In a small town, many people keep a pet dog.

There is a park nearby. In the evening, there will be many shovels taking the dog for a walk. The shovel workers will let Maozi fight with other dogs. Luckily, most of the people nearby have friendly dogs, such as Husky, Golden Retriever, Alaska, etc.

Although the family does not have a ferocious dog, some pet owners want this dog to watch over the house.

The shovel officer took his dog for a walk and went to a small community.

This residential area is very large, in fact there is a large yard in front of the community gate, there are still a few dogs playing on the lawn, the owner takes the dog by, but at the gate there is a sign saying “In the yard there are dogs. evil. “That’s strange, I don’t seem to have seen any evil dogs.

When we got to the door, suddenly a dog came running out.

At that time, the new shovel officer was shocked, thinking that there was a real fierce dog.

The head was very big but it was a golden retriever, netizens immediately laughed, and was still nervous, then sighed in relief, it turned out that there were 3 golden dogs here. In front of him is a light golden retriever, being smiled by netizens.

The eyes are all smiles, it looks like they are very popular with netizens.

“The first time I saw such a happy smiling dog.”

The golden-haired dog smiled very brightly, feeling like a human, constantly glaring at his owner, although I also have a dog, but I have never seen a dog smile like this, look so cute. Apparently, the pet owner then took out his cell phone and took a polite photo of the dog.

Dog: Since it’s here, just touch me!

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