These 6 types of dogs prefer “revenge” if you offend it

Although when we talk about dogs, we can think of words like intelligence, loyalty, cute and bubbly, extrovert and fun, but in fact, in the dog world, there are some dogs that are careful. and more obnoxious, like the following 6 types of dogs. “Take revenge”, if you offend it once, you will take revenge!


1. Husky
Huskies are funny, non-aggressive, brave dogs in the eyes of many. In fact, if the owner insulted Erha, Erha would also be angry and revenge, and would appear desperately crying at home and ignoring her master. Even demolition, demolition and other acts of revenge against the owner. Moreover, Erha has never been honest, and will be even more cruel after having a grudge!

2. Shiba Inu
Shiba Inu is the dog with the most personality and temperament. The other dogs were very loyal and docile, even if it was Erha, at the most, it was the master’s words. But Shiba Inu is different. He is stubborn and stubborn, dares to do what is right with his master, and will hold grudges in his heart. If the owner insults it, Shiba Inu will urinate and defecate at home and destroy it for the owner!

3. Pomeranian
Pomeranian is a small fox, with natural vigilance and small size. It is very unfriendly to strangers and strange dogs, and likes to bark. If you are the owner of Pomeranian, it will be fine. Otherwise, once offended it, it will immediately take revenge on you. It can bite you forward and chase you out.

4. Schnauzer
The owners of schnauzers and those who have been in contact with schnauzers know that schnauzers are courageous, guardians and curious dogs. They are not calm with outsiders. The host is there to stop it, Schnauzer will certainly step forward to chase you, and he will despair give you a little color.

5. Chihuahua
The Chihuahua is the smallest dog in the world, because the weight is so different from the other dogs, and the owner is easy to damage the Chihuahua. The natural chihuahua has become one of the dogs that likes to hold grudges. For some of the more aggressive Chihuahua species, owners should cooperate with rewards, touch and comfort, etc., and train Chihuahua to adapt to socialization, increase courage, confidence and tolerance, and develop a cheerful and docile personality.

6. Poodle
Poodle are dogs with very high IQ. Poodle’s personality and personality are very similar to humans, so they are more likely to be offended. The poodle revenge dog has no more vengeance, and will soon show the color of the “enemy” through biting, peeing and other behaviors!

Keeping poodle should pay more attention to educational issues, and also do a good job in diet health management. Regular feeding on salty foods can damage the health of poodle’s hair, leading to rough hair, discoloration, increased hair loss and cuts.

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