These 5 play places just want their “dog life”

Teddy is a fragile dog, has a sensitive personality. In the process of raising it, sometimes he will make his master lose his temper, and some owners will be too angry when hitting the dog. But pet owners must remember that 5 places to play teddy dogs is to want “dog life”.

1. Teddy’s foreleg
Teddy is a slender dog with weak limbs, very fragile bones and no flesh on the front legs. It can be broken without gravity. The owner may not easily scold Teddy even when he’s in a hurry, because the wound is Very difficult to put on.

During normal feeding, you can give your dog some natural dog food rich in calcium to help build strong bones.


2. Teddy bear head
Many owners teach their dogs the habit of hitting their heads, thinking that their skulls are very hard and they are not afraid of being hit. But the owner must remember that if you accidentally hurt Teddy’s eyebrows, you could cause fatal injury and fall to the ground.

If you don’t want to lose your dog, you can’t regularly hit Teddy in the head. You may be afraid it pretends to be a punishment.

3. Teddy’s belly
The dog’s stomach is full of tender meat. There is no bone protection here, but there are many important organs. If someone hit his stomach, Teddy could not resist injury under gravity. Because it’s fragile, a dog’s belly is easy to show to nobody unless he trusts you.

The landlord can usually touch Teddy’s belly and massage it, he’ll love it, and he can also play a role in strengthening emotions.

4. Teddy’s nose
Teddy is an important part of the sense of smell and is an important organ of the body. They rely on their noses to find food, find wives, distinguish their owners, etc., so the damage caused by a loss of sense of smell is severe.

The owner usually has nothing to do, and does not touch Teddy’s nose, nor can he strike hard, so as not to cause injury.

5. Teddy bear’s mouth
Under normal circumstances, dogs do not like being touched by the mouth, unless they are close to the owner, because they do not like being touched, so the owner is more likely to resist the mouth, making it nervous and possibly Bite.

In fact, I feel that the dog is not obedient, or untrained. You should begin basic training on Teddy from an early age, and reward some snacks when it’s good. This may reinforce Teddy’s docility. Will not be beaten.

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