These 4 dog feeding habits are wrong and will be harmful to dogs!

Doing anything requires skill. After finding the skills to do this, when you do this, you can do more with less. For example, raising a dog requires skills. If you understand these skills, then you will be able to raise an exceptionally good dog. However, some people do not understand dog breeding skills. Many of their dog breeding habits are wrong. What should I do? In fact, these four dog breeding habits are wrong and will be harmful to dogs. How much have you done?

Dog’s first habit: dog physical punishment

Many pet owners particularly like to punish dogs physically. They think that by hitting a dog, the dog will know where its wrong! Actually, it is not. If you hit the dog at the time the dog made a mistake, there may be some effects and it will make the dog understand that this cannot be done. However, if you go hitting the dog for a long time after the dog has made a mistake, it will not work to let it know. It will suspect that you don’t love it anymore, this will harm its psychology.

Second dog breeding habit: dog captivity

Dogs long for freedom, they like to run, and like to live a free and free life. Some pet owners do not, they will leash their dogs in one place for a long time or keep them in the kennel for a long time to lock them up! This is very wrong. Prolonged imprisonment will soften their nature and make their mood especially low! This will cause double damage to their bodies and minds! It is a very wrong habit to raise dogs.

Third dog habit: take your dog out on hot days

Everyone should pay attention. When it’s hot, don’t take dogs outside! Excessive sunlight can damage dog skin, the path under the dog’s foot and it can also burn the dog’s delicate paws due to the heat from the sun! The best time to walk your dog is around 8:00 am and about 8:00 pm. At other times, especially around noon, you should never take your dog for a walk.

Fourth dog habit: bathe the dog regularly

Please do not bathe your dog regularly, as there is a layer of grease on the dog’s skin. This layer of fat can protect the dog’s skin and make it not susceptible to bacteria, viruses, etc.! If you bathe them often, they will wash away the oil on them. After that, their skin will get worse, their bodies will get worse, they will often get sick and suffer.

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