There is one type of dog that has the most resemblance

There is one type of dog that has the most resemblance to a wolf but often does the most confusing things that make people bewildered, that is – Husky.

On social media, someone posted an amazing photo of her own Husky, and it actually climbed onto the phone pole!

As we all know, the dogs’ climbing ability is not very good, especially when compared to cats, however, somehow the husky climbed to a high telegraph pole and then seemed to fell into a dilemma. It’s harder, it’s just hanging on it all the time.

“You are going to heaven!”

Even the owner himself could not climb that high to rescue it, after that, the firefighters were dispatched and used a very professional crane and tools to rescue it, immediately. when he was rescued he still giggled.

According to the owner, this dog does strange and stupid things every day, rescuing it almost every day.

In addition to the dog crawling on the telephone pole above, there are other dogs of the same type that do strange things. For example, this animal got stuck in a crack in the fence. You’re looking to lose weight?

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And you, don’t joke around if you can’t hammock. Can’t solve it with just one jump? No need to call for help

In this part, does not seem to know how to get in, the more difficult it is to get out.

This is also the case. It was someone else who couldn’t get out when he dived in. But if the handling was easier, it wouldn’t be difficult to defeat it with Qin Jin. Uh, I’m talking about this pot.

In any case, although the huskies are confusing, this is also how cute they are. We like huskies, do we also not like their “two” trait?

So even if they “make a mistake”, it is estimated that many shovel employees will not want to scold or beat them, but I would like to remind you that the necessary restrictions are still encouraged, sometimes if not careful, the dog will …
Gradually, when the owner returned to work, he found out that his dog was suddenly very irritable. As soon as I closed the door, I heard the dog barking repeatedly, I was worried about being chanted by neighbors. Ju Xiaomeng received an owner’s request for help in February. Her 2-year-old poodle has no problem with the cookie plague, but as long as the owner goes out after the Chinese New Year holiday, the The biscuits will constantly bark at the door and won’t Stop jumping and try to open the door.

Barking and flying around, this will continue for a few hours. The poodle’s hip joints are not very good, the owner is afraid that a dog that keeps jumping like this may get dislocated, so he asked a dog trainer for help. After the training, Cookie learned to endure a sudden split and became slow to wait at the door. After that, he could quietly watch his master go out. At that time, Teacher put down the large stone lying in his lap. The owner probably did not expect that if he wanted to stay with the dog for a while, it would become a burden and cause his dog to worry.

I know that many owners love their dogs very much. There’s nothing wrong with loving dogs, but excessive love can turn into harm. I will also ask the owner to evaluate the dog training, do you often feed the dog too much, take the dog for a walk, mentoring, paying too much attention? Perhaps you can also ask yourself.

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