There are two possibilities that the cat

There are two possibilities that the cat will not vomit hairballs, one is that the cat has not vomited the hair ball, after three months the cat will start to have hair ball disease, if the cat vomits and the vomit is hairy, then basically sure. The cat started to throw hairballs up; Another possibility is that the hair shade is clogged and the cat is not able to properly discharge the shine, which requires the cat owner to take some steps to help the cat discharge.

1. The groom regularly feeds the cat

Cat hair also has a growth cycle. Cat owners should brush the cat regularly and clean the dead fur from the cat. This can reduce the amount of fur the cat is ingested in, reduce the hairiness of the cat, and promote feelings of the owner and pet.

2. Feed the cat grass

Cat grass is a fiber-rich plant that can boost your cat’s bowel and stomach motility and help your cat expel its hair. If your cat’s home conditions allow it, you can plant grass for your cat and feed her young leaves. This method is time-consuming and may miss out on the best time for your cat to cope with trichomes.

3. Add hair conditioner to help rinse hair

Hair balm can help your cat get rid of hair shade quickly and ease the trouble of shiny hair. In addition to grazing the cat, cat owners also need to feed the cat with its shade so that the cat can quickly expel the fur ball and reduce the nuisance of the hair shade.

4. Surgical treatment, hair removal

Some cats with gloss disease are in a more advanced stage, and the above methods will be difficult to get rid of the shade. The cat’s spirit and appetite are not good. In this case, the cat needs to be sent to the pet hospital for surgical treatment, and then for a long period of care. In daily life, pet owners must not be lazy, diligently brush the cat and pay attention to grooming the cat in the house.

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