The wandering man raising 6 stray dogs

The wandering man raising 6 stray dogs brings people a lot of happiness. After the bad news happened, the dog was very heartbroken.

On the street, you can often come across homeless people with dogs, although homeless people can hardly maintain daily expenses but they still keep their dogs very smoothly. This shows that the homeless are poor, but their hearts are exceptionally kind.

Recently, something happened that shook the hearts of many netizens, do you know what happened? There is a uncle wandering in Yangzhou, all day wandering the streets with a wooden cart. And behind the car are six dogs. At first, people noticed this uncle, probably because he has a lot of dogs. However, a video filmed by a passerby caused his uncle, the homeless man, to fire.

Because the homeless man was in a bush with a dog on his head passing by and his face was constantly making funny expressions. Seeing this unique combination, many passersby laughed, Some even made these videos into videos.

Some good people will give your aunt some pocket money after seeing it. After consulting with those around me, I learned that even though he was very poor, the homeless uncle was very nice to dogs. Because he had six dogs, the uncle begged and performed to earn money. When the restaurant is off work, he will go to a nearby restaurant to ask for some leftovers to feed the dogs. Although they themselves look exceptionally thin and frail, these six dogs are very docile. Maybe it’s because the uncle is very sincere with the dog, so these 6 dogs are very emotional. While the uncle was sleeping in the wooden wagon beside the road, the dogs lined up in long lines to sleep in front of the big tree, as if to protect him.

But bad news soon appeared, in July this year, an employee of the animal protection organization suddenly received a call informing that the uncle had accidentally fallen from a bridge. Because the incident happened so suddenly, the six dogs were temporarily unattended, and they could only beg the animal protection staff for adoption. When the animal protection staff arrived, they found that there were only six dogs on the ground next to the dog’s luggage and wooden stroller.

Not knowing what the dog realized, after the uncle left, the dog’s eyes were very dazed, as if losing all hope, they all slept beside his luggage, not wanting to leave.

When the rescuers wanted to take the dog away, the dog was especially vigilant and did not want to comply. In the midst of desperation, the rescue team came up with the idea of ​​pulling his uncle’s wooden cart away. Unexpectedly, after seeing that his things were stolen, the terrified puppy chased and jumped into the wooden cart. Eventually, they were successfully brought back to the shelter by rescuers.

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