The technique of raising Fish Huong kisses the lips for newcomers at home

Freshwater lake fish farming is more and more interested in young people. They have special features that will make the player excited without any kind of aquarium fish. The freshwater fish is also known as the kissing fish, the smelly fish … This fish is famous for their romance. Due to the habit of “kissing” each time each other, not paying attention to the surrounding circumstances. They are often used as gifts to symbolize the sweetness of love.


Characteristics of freshwater flanker fish

The first feature you will notice when keeping a freshwater bream is their mouth. Their mouths will stick out from the muscles. Their jaws have an additional joint that increases the angle at which their mouth can open, allowing them to access more food.

The second characteristic that is considered to be the characteristic element of the Muong fish is the lips. The lips always look like they are ready to kiss.

The Muong fish’s body is shaped similar to other Gourami fishes. The body of this fish is quite long, covered with a layer of small and hard scales, each of which can grow up to 30cm when fully mature. However, they are usually smaller in captivity.

They have short dorsal and anal fins that run along the body, from the back of the head to the caudal fin. Pectoral fins are longer and more rounded. You often see them in two main colors: light pink and silver blue. Some are speckled or have a dark, dark mark.

Is Huong fish farming easy or not?

They are highly adaptable, very suitable for novices. They are not too demanding on the water environment. The ideal temperature for growing freshwater fish is 22 – 26 ° C.

However, care should be taken when changing the water of the freshwater aquarium. Since these fish are prone to shock when changing new water, it should not be changed too often. If changing water, use water that has been in the sun for several days. This will help the fish quickly get used to the environment.

Fish kisses are omnivorous, they can eat deep meal, worms, industrial food … It can be said that they eat anything. They are very pathogenic, grow fast and have good resistance.

A mutant of the gong that has been bred for the current aquarium industry has a shorter and more rounded body. Although there are some who prefer the variety of this new breed, their downside is that they are weaker and do not live long.

Where should we raise freshwater fish?

Should be kept in tanks with planted aquatic plants. There are some cases of raising freshwater fish in small jars, glass cups, they can still survive.

However this is not a small size fish. Adult fish can be up to 20 – 30cm long. Therefore, it is ideal to keep freshwater flaxies in a large tank, helping the fish to multiply quickly. Minimum size should be 80x40x40cm.

The water and temperature don’t need to be too careful. Lip kisses are very adaptable, the best environment for them is soft, slightly acidic water.

What fish breeds are freshwater gulop fish farming?

The fish kisses the gentle, dynamic personality, likes to gather in groups. Can be kept together with many other types of tropical aquarium fish. Avoid keeping the same types of fish that are easily agitated, because they swim very quickly, easily collide. The types of fish suitable for keeping with: family of ornamental sharks, plaicefish, guppies, squid, fish, snakehead fish …

In addition to the purpose of aquarium farming, Muong fish are also raised for meat. Some delicious dishes with fish: Fried Muong fish with lemongrass and chilli, Braised fish, fried …

Sexism of kissing fish

Distinguishing fish kissing male and female lips does not have a clear distinction when young. Fish kiss adult lips when they are 15 months old. Now they have a certain difference in body shape.

In terms of body shape, fish kissing male lips have an elongated body. The anal fin is slightly wider. Whereas the female is fatter than the male and the anal fin is smaller.

When the lip kisser enters the spawning period the features become more apparent. Males will have “marital color” during the breeding season. Body color will change from red to purple, shiny and sparkling. The belly of the female is markedly enlarged.

How to raise fish to kiss the reproductive environment

The habitat of the fish kissing the breeding environment

A spawning aquarium with dimensions 80 × 40 × 40cm is recommended. During spawning of fish the water temperature is maintained in the range 25 – 27 ° C, pH is 6.8 – 7.4. The hardness is about 9-11 and the best aquarium water is to use old water. Farmers need to prevent algae from floating on the water. The eggs after spawning should be kept to prevent them from being swallowed by the broodfish.

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The spawning process of fish kissing lips

During the breeding process, the male is constantly revolving around the female. When it comes to the right position, it bends its body into a U-shape and presses against the female. Male fish immediately ejaculate after the female lays eggs. After the breeding is completed, the broodstock must be removed from the brood and undergo the artificial incubation process.

Very fast-growing fish eggs can hatch after about a day. After 2-3 days the fry can swim, at this time need to be fed a lot, otherwise they will starve.

After 2-3 days, feed the young fish with red worms for 3 to 4 days. In 15 – 20 days, it is necessary to divide the rapidly growing fry into 2-3 tanks to ensure high survival.

Breeding fish to kiss lips is not difficult. They can be propagated several times a year and are unaffected by the season. Due to the habit of eating eggs and not caring for fry, so the aquarium should grow many floating plants. When designing the tank, place pebbles or flower pots to create a nest for fish.

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