The six “dead” behaviors of the owner will end your relationship with the dog

It is said that dogs are good friends of humanity, they are docile, well behaved and loyal. But this does not mean that the owner can do anything with the dog without the lower limit.

1. Punish the dog in the dark room

Some small dogs are afraid of confining a dark space. If the owner plays it in a dark room because it makes a mistake, it can make it mad, then scream, fear and shadow of the pet dog will be bigger. At the same time, it would be disgusting to the owner.

Because you do such awful things to it, dogs may tend to have shadows, depression, etc. for too long.


Two, kick the dog out

In general, dogs that have been kept for a long time are loyal to their owners, and even tolerate some of their actions. There are no complaints when they are beaten and scolded. And do not leave it for a long time.

For dogs with poor mental endurance, they will think they have been abandoned, thus leaving a psychological shadow.

3. Hit the dog whenever you can

If the owner regularly ventures, beats and yells at inadequate things in life, the dog will also develop an evil personality. Going out is also evil for others. Such a dog will be very dangerous.

Some dogs will have the ball when they are hit too much, and they will be very wary when going out, thinking that someone will hit them, so they live in panic, and eventually they will not live.

4. Give dogs a pungent odor

A dog’s sense of smell is 40 times that of a human and they can smell very far. Some good tastes for the owner are extremely strong in the sense of the dog, and some are unbearable, such as Fengyoujing, onions, etc.

The owner cannot sniff the hands that come into contact with onions and fengyou, otherwise the dog will ignore you after a long time, and will leave when you are near it.

Fifth, rarely bring sports dogs

Dogs of any body type are in need of exercise. Being kept in a cage all day long will cause psychological and personality problems for dogs. Dogs are social animals that live in groups. This isolates them from social interaction. Becoming sad and unhappy.

Hopefully the owner of the dog can take the dog for a regular walk, and do some outdoor activities with the dog, which can strengthen the physical and closer to the owner.

6. Training never rewards

Some owners use snacks to encourage the dog during training, but when the dog finishes the action, it looks at you with expectant eyes and waits for the reward of the snack, but the owner Do not give it or trick the dog. After being fooled once or twice, you will not believe you in the future and the training effectiveness will greatly decrease the next time.

Remember to give your dog the timely rewards (some delicious dry chicken snacks) at the right time. This is the correct way to train dogs.

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