The rich lives of celebrities always make people

Lu Yi lacked seriousness in sunbathing the cat. Netizens found that a cat is worth 150,000 yuan, and the rich can actually play it!

The rich lives of celebrities always make people especially jealous. Recently, actor Luc Nghi released a dynamic video on the platform. In the video, two of his family cats are concentrating on eating. Although the video content is simple, if you look closely, you will see that these two cats are very unusual. The pattern on the cat’s body resembled a leopard, all round in shape, after seeing such an elegant cat many people shouted that it was too beautiful.

The beautiful models can infer that these two cats are extremely expensive and have a realistic look. Some netizens estimated the price of a fortune to be up to 150,000 so many people watched this video and thought that the Lu family was too rich. Cheetahs are a relatively rare breed in China, the leopard cats adopted by people today are not wild but after breeding, this cat is also known as the Bengal leopard. Real leopard cats are wild and powerful and are not suitable for human food, however, the wildness of leopard cats after breeding will be gradually eliminated, and eventually they will become a pet cat that humans can raise.

Today, many people love to keep the Bengal leopard, because its tall appearance can represent family fortune and play a key role in flaunting wealth. For these reasons, bengal cats are overproduced, some netizens even believe that some unscrupulous traders will especially catch wild leopard cats for breeding.

Experts, upon hearing these voices, immediately rejected rumors, in the opinion of experts, the feeding of wild cats is not allowed by the law and the destructive power of wild cats. the other is too strong to be fed. To make money, many livestock organizations will continue to breed new breeds of livestock, after genetic screening, the breeds raised still retain many advantages. Panther cats are different from regular cats, they are very active and active. As a result, the shovel worker can do some basic cat training at home, or prepare some cat sports grounds, such as a cat climbing frame.

If you want to fill your cat’s muscles with contours, you have to train their bouncing abilities to keep their muscles in perfect shape during the exercise. Many officers new to raising Bengal panther will find that the cats they keep in their home are not fat even when they eat. If overweight means a cat’s body has problems, the Bengal Leopard cat is in its growing period and consumes a lot of calories, so the shit-shaker must feed the cat promptly.

Because of Ocelot’s strong adaptability and bubbly personality, it is preferred by many shovels. Although outside the price of this cat is very high, in reality, the price of an ordinary cat is only a few tens of thousands of yuan, if you can afford it, you can also consider starting!

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