The quiet street suddenly heard dogs barking

Recently, netizens only bought a dirty dog, because its color is also known as a tabby dog, many people especially liked it, netizens also happened to buy a dog, just met this dog. , just buy it Well, don’t really say that this dog is much more expensive than the other puppies.

When the son saw the puppy, he ran to pick it up and play with the puppy. After lunch, netizens went for lunch, and boys watched TV while playing with the puppy.


My son, a netizen, can learn, he still plays well, he dares to play anything, and he is not afraid of danger. After netizens fell asleep, his son took the puppy to play in the yard. The puppy is always running and is reluctant to play with the small owner. Later, when the son was angry, he kicked him directly and he was honest.

You always want to run, take you to the roof and see how you run. The son hugged the puppy and climbed to the roof. After putting it on the roof, it goes down and goes out to play. The puppy is in the room. I couldn’t go up, so I could only be honest and wait for someone to save me.

The puppy has been waiting for a long time and no one is coming, and I don’t know where everyone is going. It was a little impatient and it started crying on the roof. Right now, it was heard by a sleeping netizen, and suddenly it was strange to hear the dog barking, and it had been barking for a while, so I couldn’t sleep.

After netizens appeared, they did not see the puppy, nor did they see their son. They stood in the yard for a while and heard that the puppy seemed to be on the roof, climbed the ladder and found that it was actually up there. Netizens quickly rescued the puppy.

There is no one else. It must be the son who put it on. The puppy is incapable of entering the room. Netizens are very angry. After all, the puppy is still small. In case it really wants to jump down from the roof. He died, and his son did too much. He must be taught a delicious meal.

After the son returned in the afternoon, netizens called him to criticize and educate his son. It’s normal for a boy to be naughty, but can’t do this. This is very dangerous. In case the puppy jumped down or you fell down, unfortunately. Too late. The son quickly confessed his mistake, the pitiful thing was still the puppy, and he didn’t know how long he had been up there.

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