The owners of rice husks must have had this experience

Now, when people’s living standards are improving day by day, pet raising is not a new thing. Many people find their life a bit boring, so they will have a pet or two to accompany. When it comes to pets, the most favorite is dogs, they have a cute appearance, cute, obedient and docile, but there is one exception for dogs, which is huskies.

The owners of rice husks must have had this experience, which is desperate and depressed, because they are too naughty and especially like destroying the house, which is enough to annoy the owner. A netizen has raised a cute husky in the house, the dog’s fur is white, relatively rare, not long ago it gave birth to a bunch of cute little black-haired dogs. The addition of a new member in the family makes the owner very happy, looking at such cute little milk dogs, but the owner cannot afford to let go, so he left.

As a result, 3 months later, 1 large, 9 small, 10 rice husks upset his house, the owner often comes home from work and sees the house collapsed, sagging, these dogs are eating a lot. Dog food alone is too much for the owner. Now he almost regretted and cried: Where to raise dogs here, it is like raising the demolition team.

I must admire this master’s courage. Raising a husky is a challenge, I have to say it’s really fun to raise 10 husks at the same time.
Many people today keep some pets at home, especially families that have just had one more baby. Because some children often fight, if not careful, they will cry. But having some cute pets at home will make your baby very happy. At the same time, the atmosphere at home will become more vibrant and your baby will develop better.

A new member of the friend’s family is the child of the friend’s sister. Because my friend’s sister and brother-in-law are very busy, they often don’t spend much time with their children. However, there are family members who are willing to bring infants with them, many of whom say that babies are difficult to pamper and cry very much. So carrying a newborn is very troublesome.

But my friend’s family brought a newborn, but he was not afraid. Because a friend’s family brought a newborn baby, not a person but a friend’s pet. Many people find it very strange, because many people do not know that pets can bring children. But in fact, some pets are very fond of children and can play with them.

This is the situation of my friend’s house, my friend has a pet cat and a pet dog at home. Therefore, babies are often accompanied by dogs and cats. But cats and dogs can actually make babies happier. Children may be very curious when they see cats and dogs, so they will not cry. But that is indeed a very good thing, so that pets can not only be used for fun, but can also be used to carry children.

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