The original owner came home from work, and entered the door with the front foot

Perhaps many people have heard their friends talk about the evil behavior of their huskies. Huskies are really annoying. If you want to raise a Husky, you must prepare to clean your house regularly.


That’s to deal with the existence of huskies, so the home décor is simple, basically there are only a few simple décor items, and there are no expensive things that huskies can play at will. , because this is the master who learned it after many lessons. Experience. But the owner clearly underestimated the husky’s mischief, because when he came home from work that day, when he turned on the light, all his family had black footprints.

Do not think about it, it must be a masterpiece of Husky. It turned out that Husky did not know where to put his master’s ink, then treaded on the footprints, had fun, and he played with it tirelessly, and all the footprints in the house were inadvertent.

The owner will be mad, and Husky feels that he is not doing the right thing, but this game is fun, Huskie stepped on the foot in front of the owner. I really want to make the owner mad, but it’s powerless that it needs to be cleaned by the owner himself.

The owner can imagine that he is tired like a dog lying in a bed.

After some hard work, the owner finally finished the cleaning, and the dog looked at the owner to please, hoping that the owner would forgive him.

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