The orange cat

The orange cat, every time he finished eating, disappeared, the owner ran and laughed minus: pretending to be a melancholy prince

In many rural areas, a cat will be kept at home to prevent rats from eating away food. But raising cats is not too special, especially in rural areas, rural people keep cats outdoors like letting them loose, let them take care of themselves, as long as they meet the requirements, just prepare to bite.

My friend Xiao Zhang raised an orange cat, and when it was dinner time, the cat was gone after eating. At this time, Xiao Zhang felt that the cat at home was very strange. Because the cat has to go for a walk after eating and he still doesn’t know where he went. One day, when Xiao Zhang did not see anything, he quietly followed the cat out of the house, wanting to see the orange cat, where will it go?

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During the Tieu Niem period silently followed the orange cat, suddenly discovered that the orange cat did not roam far away after eating, but sat at his door looking for a deserted corner. , Looking towards the distant field. Looking at the cats sitting in a melancholy posture, Xiao Zhang felt that these cats were really mischievous.

People who didn’t know how melancholy the cat looked, and thought it was the shovel employee who overused it. While the cat was sitting, it spread its legs wide like a human sitting on a bench, it also put one of its paws between its legs, this position was indescribable.

Seeing the cat’s strange appearance, Xiao Zhang uploaded a photo of the cat online. After seeing that, many netizens said that this cat is not pretending to be melancholy at all, but is eating too full so he wants to find a place to rest.

Hearing this explanation, Xiao Zhang could not help but smile, then the veterinarian went out to confirm the authenticity of this explanation. Because cats eat more, they like to stay at home and let their bodies disperse after they have eaten, they will appear melancholy. However, looking at the big orange cat’s sitting posture, it seems that it should be especially strong at the normal time. In addition to the family orange cat Xiao Zhang, I believe many people have come across orange cats on the road. These orange cats often have one trait: they are fat, look confused, and seem like they’ve been drinking too much. Sitting on the street corner like drinking wine.

Looking at where the cat went to sleep like a pool of liquid, would such an image make their brother unlucky? Today, many people will adopt orange cats, because people think their body shape is special. But when keeping an orange cat, the shovel worker should be careful not to overfeed it at once or it will cause the cat’s body to over-stretch. Although it looks cute, it does pose a potential danger to your cat’s health!

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