The most barren dogs in the world

Like dogs, dogs have their own feelings and sadness, and they will also experience changes in emotions and self-awareness. Each dog is independent and unique. If there are well-behaved dogs in the world, there will certainly be hot-tempered dogs.

Today Yuanyuan will look at small dogs born with natural impatience. Come and see if there are any dogs in your family.



Chow Chow’s personality is famous for being irritable and disobedient. They tend to be very narcissistic and keep a distance from strangers.

Looking at this big-headed and big-headed man, it was a moody dog. The owner of Chow Chow has encountered a problem, that is, many pet stores do not want to bathe for Chow Chow.

Because Chow Chow’s personality is so capricious, pet stores often don’t want to make money because of their own safety considerations. Sometimes they are fine for the first second and they can bite you for the second.


Don’t look at the small, round head of a Chihuahua, very cute, his temperament is not cute at all.

Chihuahua turned around and refused to recognize people. It is normal (although the landlord is still very gentle). And often their envy is strong, and they often attack other dogs aggressively.

Therefore, Yuan Yuan recommends that the owner of Yangji doll keep one. If you have to raise more than one, then you have to do a good job at the beginning, otherwise, there will be endless battles.


Poodles are the first choice of many people to raise dogs. As everyone knows, poodle’s temperament does not cause discomfort, especially Teddy, once the dog’s stubborn temperament, it really can not hold ten cows.

Poodle often roars at passers-by, and they are daring dogs. Many experienced bitten by poodles.

It is really suitable to describe Teddy with the air.


Pomeranian is also known as a grumpy small dog. Pomeranian has a high level of vigilance against strangers, and once it’s too close, it will issue a warning roar. In addition, Bomei also has a great hostility towards large dogs. As long as you see it, you will bark.

In fact, the reason for Pomeranian’s erratic temperament is because they are timid. So it will make it lose its temper with what it fears.

The owner must be gentle with such a grumpy dog.

Bellington Terrier

Speaking of the Bellington Terrier, people may not be familiar with it. But everyone must know Snoopy. Snoopy’s prototype is the Bellington Terrier.

Such dogs are very rare in China. But don’t be fooled by cartoons. This breed has a very hot and uncontrollable temperament. It has a very high combat ability. It often fights with other dogs and is very vulnerable to people.

This fighting picture has ruined all the cute images of Snoopy in childhood memories.


The Bull Terrier, especially the White Bull Terrier, has a genetic defect that can easily lead to erratic temperament. And the Bull Terrier’s hearing is not very good. This deficiency makes it difficult for a dog to train.

It can attack people or other dogs for no reason, so the owner of a terrier must be very patient and have some experience in training a terrier.

Otherwise, the bad nature of the Bull Terrier is very headache for the owner.

Shar Pei

The Shar Pei is also known as the Chinese fighting dog and is a very old breed of dog. As soon as you hear a fighting dog, you will be able to guess how grumpy this dog is.

When they saw other dogs, they were born with hostility.

But Shar Pei’s edgy temper is that of other dogs, and it’s relatively human friendly.


Doberman Pinscher is a prohibited dog in our country. This dog is very loyal to its owner. But it will be quite aggressive with other people than the owner.

Doberman Pinscher is quite large and combined with its ferocity, it even barks at strangers. So it became a dog breed.


The Argentine Dogo nickname sees the throat of blood. The natural, ruthless and cruel hunter, especially hunted to lock his throat. This dog is very calm and calm, but it is completely uncomfortable.

Du Gao has a strong sense of domination, and often fights with other dogs to gain territory, and is of an inexhaustible type.

pit bull

Pitbull dogs are bred as fighting dogs in many places. Such dogs were bred just for fighting, and they carry aggressive genes in the blood.

Pitbull is very hostile to other dogs. Basically, as long as there are other dogs in its sight, it will inspire bitter fighting desires.

This look is scary.

Well, these dogs are tough enough, you can bear a few. The owners of these dogs must perform obedience training to prevent dogs from hurting people and protecting dogs.

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