The man looked at Teddy’s pitiful look

We all know that there are too many stray dogs, although some people want to help them, but the number of stray dogs is too large, people can only help them if they have more than one heart. Solving some problems doesn’t help at all. So, now on the street, it is not difficult for us to come across many stray dogs.

Yesterday, when a man was shopping on the street, he saw a teddy dog ​​begging from a butcher. Teddy looks dirty and thin, looks like a stray dog. But considering Teddy’s performance, it should have been taught to Teddy by his previous master, so it’s possible that this Teddy was abandoned by its owner before falling here.

The man looked at Teddy’s pitiful look, the man really felt a bit unbearable, luckily the butcher found him pitiful so he threw some of the food to Teddy, hoping to help Teddy. solving today’s problem Teddy’s lunch is an issue, but Teddy still needs to work hard on his own in the future and he can only live on his own.

Since the man has no intention of adopting this stray dog, even though it looks pitiful, the poor man cannot be in a hurry to make a choice, otherwise Teddy will be left alone. Because men are not sure if they will abandon their dogs, the best option a man offers is not to keep them can dogs eat dates.
Nowadays, many people keep pets but don’t really treat pets like relatives, they are just playing or saying otherwise, this is really unacceptable, since you have pets, you should take care of them. too good.

One day, a girl was walking on the street, she noticed that there was a big box in the middle of the street, the box would still move, she walked over to her and found that there were three dogs in the box.

She proved very puzzled, why put the puppy in the barrel and in the middle of the road, this is very dangerous, thinking back, you must have been abandoned.

Although this kind of thing was disgusting, the little girl had clearly seen more, it was not uncommon for the master to leave the puppies once or twice, the little girl looked pitiful at the dogs.

At that time I decided to adopt them, because they were not only pitiful but also very cute, and just as she was about to take it, an uncle ran over and said that he would pay for the puppy.

She was very angry, obviously threw the puppies away to ask for money, but found that the poor boy still paid him tens of dollars and then took the three puppies away, ready to go. Ways to find a good destination for them.

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