The man holding the

The man holding the “stiff” Shiba Inu, after finding out the cause, everyone was dumbfounded

Some people like to keep cats, but others think that dogs are better. Under normal circumstances, everyone has a dog, not only can take it for a walk, but also to protect our house.

In Japan, there is an indigenous breed called the Shiba Inu. The legs of this breed are relatively short, the body is not particularly large, so many people keep. Also, since Shiba Inu is very funny, it always brings us a lot of joy.

Not long ago, a friend traveled to Japan, while visiting a temple, he saw an owner holding a stiff Shiba Inu. Upon seeing this sight, all the passersby turned curious eyes. Everyone doesn’t know what happened to this dog, if it was sick, lying motionless, his body was extremely stiff. In order to express their concern for the dog, a number of passersby visited its owner. Later I learned that the dog did not have any illness and simply did not want to walk.

I must say this is actually a more attentive dog that doesn’t want to walk, so he actually used this method to let his owner hug him. The two of them walked happily together, but the owner looked back to see his dog sitting on the street.

There was no choice but to walk home with Shiba Inu. But this dog is so bizarre, he still doesn’t want to relax, perhaps just to get someone else’s attention. It must be said that the purpose of this dog has been achieved, causing many people to laugh.

According to its owner, the dog is also a very playful owner in normal life. While eating together, the dog suddenly froze, the smile on his face still remained but his limbs could not move. There are times when the dog does not want to go out so he can only pretend to die on the ground. I must say this dog is simply a funny synonym. Impossible, the master spoils it too much and won’t be angry at it.

In fact, the longer dogs are kept, the closer they will be to their owners. Some of their habits and actions will also be remembered by the owner, it must be said that this dog can be considered a good owner, if the owner is impatient then perhaps this dog is no longer arrogant. so arrogant.

However, if you want to raise a dog, you must be careful, love and care more, Shiba Inu is not physically good, often has some digestive problems. So what kind of dog do you like to have?

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