The little police dog slept for a whole day during

The little police dog slept for a whole day during the first training Dog deliverer: Is this little figure trying to pamper the opponent?

Police dogs are domineering and majestic that cause people to retreat when they look in, even if they do not do anything bad, but when looking at the police dog, there is always a feeling of uneasiness. But police dogs didn’t have this kind of tyranny when they were kids cyska siberians.

No, a second generation police dog gets lazy on his first day at work. I thought that his parents were both police dogs, this dog could definitely inherit his parents’ strengths and focus on training. But unexpectedly that the dog may be too young, the first day of training, it could not help but put on a police hat and sleep all day. Seeing this guy’s sleepy appearance, the dog handler has nothing to do. Fortunately this name is still very small, otherwise the shovel employee would really like to let him remember.

But such a cute little dog manager would definitely not punish him. Although he has no profession, but the cute sales ability of this guy has made many people irresistible, perhaps when the bad guy sees this little milk dog, it will be cute. Finally after waking up, this little milk dog did not bother to lie on the shoulder of the policeman and act indecently. Seeing the dog yawning contentedly, many netizens thought this little guy was stinking! The dog handler also thinks that this little police dog is about to spoil the enemy?

Compared to this second policeman who relies on selling cute food, there are also two small police dogs overseas, but with very good business capacity. This dog was born about a month, but the training time is not clear, when a young child knew he was conscious of being a police dog. He was very serious in training, and even fought hard to fight his brother for the first place.

Seeing the tough friendship between the two police dogs, the dog handler feels a headache. After each training session, the dog’s performance will be ranked. These two dog brothers often quarrel with each other for their achievements. Seeing the dog’s provocative appearance at first sight, many netizens believe that this dog is a genius at first sight, and it is the type that likes to mess. Another little police dog, when the match fails, may know that the opponent is stimulating himself, so naturally cannot stand bullying, constantly barking at the opponent, as if to say: “We are capable Fight a battle, see who is who. the first one. ”

Seeing two small police dogs defiantly opposing, the policeman had to tighten the leash to prevent the two dogs from fighting. Adult police dogs have a knack for work, many believe that these dogs have a high level of intelligence, so they can react promptly to drugs and such bad guys.

In fact, these small, milky puppies repeatedly experience setbacks and disappointments, and eventually form a conditioned reflex, so they can do their best according to their owner’s instructions. Look at these little police dogs that have been serving humans since they are born, so everyone see the dogs in active condition, don’t disturb them!

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