The Labrador is a medium to large dog breed

The Labrador is a medium to large dog breed that requires much higher calcium than small dogs, the two most important phases of calcium supplementation are growth, pregnancy, lactation and old age. The larger the dog size, the faster the growth rate should be, the greater the need for calcium. However, the specific time of calcium supplementation and the amount of calcium supplementation depends on the calcium deficiency and absorption capacity of the dog, if it is not clear, the owner can go to the hospital to check if the dog has enough calcium. or not. If not, try calcium supplements.


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1. Adjust your daily diet.


Calcium supplementation for Labrador must first vary from dog food, you must purchase certain dog foods that meet your dog’s ability to absorb, and have high calcium content as the primary food within your ability. friend. Also, prepare some calcium-rich foods for Labrador as supplementary foods, such as shrimp skin, kelp, beef, and soy products. At the same time also need to feed the dog some fresh fruits and vegetables properly, supplement with many vitamins to help it absorb calcium better.




2. Add calcium products properly.


Although adding calcium to Labrador through food is a good way, some dogs are poorly digested, cannot absorb calcium well, and the body’s calcium metabolism function is also relatively poor. Feed calcium cannot meet Labrador’s calcium requirements, so pet owners need additional calcium. In this regard, pet owners may want to mix Wang Lige into dog food and feed appropriately daily, which can help the dog replenish calcium and restore normal calcium levels.




Three, exercise more, often in the sun.


In addition, pet owners can take Labrador around in fine weather. Because sunlight can help dogs produce vitamin D, and vitamin D is the key to calcium absorption and metabolism, sunbathing is the equivalent of calcium supplementation. In general, the best time to go outside is between 9 a.m. and 11 a.m. and 4 p.m. to 6 p.m., during which time UV isn’t too strong and won’t burn the host’s skin. Farmed and Labrador. You can play a number of games with your dog such as chasing, catching flying saucers, racing, … not only beneficial to the dog’s physical and mental health but also improving the relationship with the pet’s owner. What’s more.  Pets

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